photo via  SannaK

photo via SannaK

If you are like me, you go to work everyday, pay your bills, tend to your saving account and try to live your best fab life. Everyone has responsibilities and sometimes those responsibilities blur your vision. Our obligations are always going to be there but let’s be honest, it can get to a point where we feel like we go to work just to pay for them.  As much as we are working, taking care of our families, bills, tuition and more it’s hard to buy ourselves a gift sometimes.

PLOT TWIST ! We tend to take care of everyone else but yet hesitate to take care of ourselves. 

In the last few years as life was happening I had to put personal wants to the side and really tend to my responsibilities. I pride myself on managing my finances so that was perfectly fine, and let’s face it you can’t be fabulous with unpaid bills. Sometimes we get so engulfed in our world that we don't realize that we are neglecting ourselves as well. You may be battling something, growing through something or just working really hard to get that dream promotion. It’s really plain and simple…… BUY YOURSELF A GIFT (but make sure all your responsibilities are handled)

This particular year, I knew I was going to buy myself a gift when I was able. I started The Mise Group last year, changed jobs, and am continuously working towards growing into a fabulous woman. No matter the price or size of the gift, you earned it.

Whether it’s as simple as an uninterrupted spa day or a new beauty item that makes you feel fabulous, a tropical getaway, a luxury purchase or that dream house you’ve been saving for, it’s perfectly ok for you to have it.  


If you need more reasons than the above, here are 3 quick reasons why it’s okay to buy yourself a gift…

You Deserve It- Umm yes YOU! We see and hear so many things telling us we aren’t deserving of nice things because of our race, gender or pay grade and that is dangerously untrue. You are worthy of everything your heart desires so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This gift is for you, and only you, the fabulous individual maneuvering through life as best as you can. When you buy yourself this gift, it gives you a jolt of confidence to keep achieving the next "thing" you are after.

The World Will Not Stop, I Promise - The bills, the homework, the everyday hustle will still happen but we all know that's just life. This gift is for the main purpose of taking a breather and rewarding yourself of all the hard work that you do on a daily and continuous basis no matter how big or small. 

Give Yourself A Moment To Breathe - We don't realize it but we do a lot to keep the balls of life up in the air. We are constantly juggling and when we do get the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, we very rarely do or if you're like me you feel a little guilty about it. If you are also like me you are always thinking 5 steps ahead. The gift for yourself is just that. A moment to step back, acknowledge how fab you are and where you are headed.