so what does eating fabulously stand for?

Eating Fabulously is the epitome of a well rounded individual. One who loves fabulously prepared food and experiences. A person who is educated, loving, giving & dripping in swag.

I wanted to show that you could be gorgeous, girly, feminine, super smart and know where your food comes from, and know how to cook really well. That you could be fabulously you and eat along side the boys without missing a beat.

what is your perfect meal?

A beautifully made bowl of pasta. I’ve always had this love affair with pasta. It’s always been soothing and relaxing to me, even making it from scratch in my restaurant days has always put me in a calming mood. I always say if you can make a perfect pasta for someone, give it the time and attention from start to finish, you really love that person. 

how do you decide what type of content you cover?

In the first 5 years of starting my blog, I was blogging the recipes I was making in the restaurant and writing about all these small hole in the wall restaurants I was dining at. As I got older and life was happening to me, my content evolved. Now I cover content that's still food focused but also lifestyle focused as well. Still recipes, still restaurant reviews but now I’ve added some cocktails you can make at home; I interview people I think are dope and that the public needs to know about, and I include a lot of myself now. Things I'm into, my point of view etc.


how long have you been cooking?

As long as my family was willing to lie to me about how good my pretend food was on my Little Tykes kitchen set. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over a decade + counting.

what was it about cooking that made you turn it into a passion?

My love for food made me passionate about cooking. I have ALWAYS loved food, even when I was younger. My grandfather was a chef so we were constantly surrounded by food and this fueled that fire in me. Just seeing things go from basic ingredients to a finished composed plate makes me happy. My grandfather would always have me in the kitchen and/or restaurant with him tasting things, touching things, explaining things. As I got older, the inner workings of a restaurant and dining experience have become my passion. So they all tie into each other.

who is your food icon?

Anthony Bourdain. I remember when “Kitchen Confidential” came out, I was in high school and my teacher had us read it in my hotel & restaurant management class. I was enamored by this book. I've always kind of done what I wanted to do and he is the same way. How he exposed the semi-bad parts of working in the restaurant industry that no one tells you about. The drugs, the sexual harassment, long hours with horrible pay. I was just so interested in his honesty about food, the restaurant industry and how he never seemed to stray from who he was. That and the fact that he and I both share a love for eating at strange hole in the wall places.