Meet Amber Janae. You are meeting her here but I however met her via Twitter. We followed each other a while ago and let me tell you, it’s been fantastic ever since. Amber took a chance on me and allowed me to write the food section when she launched her digital wellness magazine, The Core. I admire Amber for many things but the main thing is, she stands up in her fabulousness and she’s very unapologetic about it. Below I chat fabulously with Amber about her new venture, Amber Janae Interiors; what she has in her fab fridge and she tells us where she goes for a no fail meal.

Where Did You Get Your Education?

I had every intent to attend a fashion institute and study merchandise marketing right out of college. I wanted to be Lauren Conrad so bad lol. Because of the cost to attend a fashion institute and my lack of desire to take out student loans, I ended up at a local community college. I studied Business Marketing. After almost two years of college there was a large part of me that felt incomplete. I knew all my life there was nothing more I wanted to do but write and pursue my creative passions. As a student, I felt incredibly held back from achieving what I wanted. I had discussed with family and friends about my decision to drop out of college and pursue writing, and a lot of them told me that it was a mistake. I dropped out anyway! 

-What is Your Current Position? 

I am currently a Content Strategist for a major retail company. 

Amber Janae

Tell Us About Your Business, And All The Falls Under That Name? 

AJ - is a platform that I started a little over seven years ago. I felt really called to share some of the experiences that led me on a self-discovery journey. It was a calling that at the time, I really did not fully understand because I am such a private person. Years later, my inspirational work that I publish through my blog has afforded me a lot of opportunities and my blog has been nationally read in nearly every country for the last several years. I eventually started to see the possibility of creating other businesses under the umbrella I had already started. A few years back I launched The Core magazine which was a self-care and wellness magazine for men and women of color. I’ve been in digital content management and content creation for years. The magazine was my opportunity to be fully creative but to also create a platform for other creatives of color who wanted their work to touch the homes of others who looked like them. I self-published 6 complete issues of the magazine before I decided to focus on other aspects of my business. During full-time employment I noticed that my creative design services were in high-demand so I launched a creative consulting company. I freelanced for about 6-8 months to really focus on understanding running a business from an entrepreneurial perspective. This business allowed me to take on clients full-time and support them with their digital marketing needs. It also helped me develop a direction for where I wanted to go next creatively. While I still run my consulting business, in late 2018 I announced the launch of my interior styling business, Amber Janae Interiors. 

What Sparked An Interest To Pivet into Interior Design?

AJ - I believe it was just another one of those things that I was divinely led to. While working on my magazine I noticed that there was huge increase of the same content or ideas being re-created. I really wanted to leverage my design skills in a new way and focus on an industry that hadn’t been disrupted in the ways other industries have. I’ve always had a deep love for interior design. Growing up my mom had a lot of passion projects which often consisted of decorating our home(s) with DIY projects. So, in a sense, it was embedded in me as a child. When I was about 15 or 16 my parents began investing heavily into residential properties. During this time, I was front and center of the staging process of homes for renting and selling purposes. It was fascinating. I was able to pick up on a lot. In 2014 I got a job at a commercial furniture dealer working as a marketing coordinator. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I desired to be on the other side of things. I worked closely with a lot of the designers and was so intrigued by what it is that they did. In a one on one meeting with my boss one day, she asked me why I was working with the company. She wanted to know why I hadn’t pursued interior design because I was so good with visual concepts. That conversation planted a seed and I quietly worked toward Amber Janae Interiors since then. It was my parents who had given me my first real opportunity by giving me a job staging their properties. I’ve been a roll since!

What Are Some Items Everyone Should Have In Their Home?

AJ - Everyone should have plants in their home. Plants hold so many incredible healing components. I don’t believe a lot of people are aware of their healing abilities. Plants are known to improve your health by purifying the air in a space helping you to breathe easier. Plants also are known to reduce stress, anxiety and help strengthen your focus. A few good pieces of art for character is important. Also, a statement sofa. I love a unique, quality, comfortable sofa. It’s to me the most important piece in your living area.

What is The Best Way To Figure Out Your Home Aesthetic Before Making Investments In Interior Pieces? 

AJ - Intuitively shopping is my best answer. I am always a fan of designing with what makes you feel good. We’ve seen in the past that a lot of people buy based on inspiration or spend on things because they have it. My approach to design is a more holistic approach. If you’re going to live in a space, your investment should include the things that bring you a sense of contentment, peace and overall happiness. I don’t buy anything if I don’t feel good about it. Choose pieces that speak to you and make you feel good. 

What's in Your Fridge Right Now?

AJ - Ummm, some almond milk, orange juice, some Moèt, Bubbly, sparkling water, black cherry flavored, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Oh, and probably a box of baking soda because for whatever reason it’s been in the fridges of black homes since the beginning of time. 

What Do You Do To Have & Maintain A Fab Lifestyle?

AJ - I am just authentically me. I am grounded in who I am as a woman and a servant to God. I believe that my authenticity is what attracts the life and things that I desire. I honestly believe that I was born with a naturally fabulous spirit. Since a child I’ve always been certain about what works for me and what absolutely does not. I made a lot of my own decisions earlier on. I thought for myself a lot. I have also always loved nice things. I’ve wanted nothing but the best for myself in every aspect. In order to achieve such things, you have to be true to yourself. This fab life that I live is the result of me being me 24/7.  I live and breathe the motto “God cannot bless who you pretend to be.” I stand by that, always have, always will. 

What is Your Food Philosophy?

AJ - Eat intuitively. Eat what you feel called to eat especially if it makes you happy. 

What is Your Food Guilty Pleasure?

AJ - Man, cupcakes. I can take down a dozen cupcakes in one setting. It’s a problem. I probably need to see a specialist of some sort regarding this. 

Where Do You Go for A No Fail Meal?

AJ - Easy. A local family owned spot here in the Bay called Vanessa’s Bistro. I have been a loyal supporter for the last 10 years. When I go, I don’t have to look at the menu and very often they don’t have to ask me what I want. Everything on the menu is incredible. If you’re ever in the Bay Area and you enjoy Vietnamese food, I just put you on. Thank me later lol. 

What is Your Favorite Quote at The Moment? 

AJ - “Thought is powerful in all phases. Even in my career, even in my life, things end up exactly how I visualized them.” – Nipsey Hussle

 I have always said that visualization is the greatest form of manifestation and Nipsey’s quote is forever a reminder that my ability to manifest the life I want is real. I’ve done, been doing and will continue to. Manifestation is real.

Keep Up w. Amber Janae

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