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I’m always beyond flattered when someone reaches out to me to chat. Dominek reached out to me on Instagram a few years ago and we met over dinner at my favorite restaurant in Harlem. Little did we know a conversation about being black in the food world would turn into a friendship. One of the things I love about Dominek is that she’s so unapologetic about putting the underdog in view and challenging the fact that there are still not that many highly visible black and brown people in food. Below, I chat fabulously with Dominek on everything dining & her website, her no fail meal and why she is so passionate about making a world where black food creatives live. 

Where Did You Get Your Education?  

Dom T. - I graduated from The University of Missouri for Marketing. 

What is Your Current Position? 

DT - I’m a Senior Operations Associate at Policygenius which is an innovative fin-tech startup by day. Owner of Dom N’ The City by night and every waking moment in between. 

Tell Us About Your Website Dom N' The City And How It Came About? 

DT - In 2016 I started guest blogging for my friend's website, and after a year I decided I wanted to create my own platform where I was able to have more creative control of the content. In 2017 Dom N' The City was created.  Dom N' The City is where you go to find some of the hottest restaurants in Harlem, great date night spots throughout NYC, hidden gems, and lifestyle topics.

What Are 5 Things People Should Look For When Choosing A Restaurant? 

DT - From my personal opinion, a great restaurant should cover these 5 things in this particular order: 

-Great customer service and/or waitstaff

-Delicious tasting food

-Presentation & ambiance

-Enticing seasonal menus

Dominek T.

What Excites You Most About Food & The Dining Experience? 

DT - The dining experience is a complete sensory overload.  It is a moment in time where you are not rushed, and you can honestly take in the entire experience from the food to the ambiance to the space.  The thing that excites me the most would have to be trying a new restaurant, which is a thrill in itself.

What Makes You So Passionate About Putting Black Food Bloggers & Black Influencers On The Map? 

DT - I know how it feels to be constantly overlooked and underrepresented.  This food blogger industry is mainly based upon numbers versus quality, and generally, PR companies say they "can't find us" or the follower count is not high enough.  When I decided to commit to food blogging, I did not see a lot of people that looked like me or that I could relate to.  I made it a mission to help anyone that shows commitment in any way that I can.  I get tired of going to PR food events, and I am the token black person, when seriously I can think of five black food bloggers/influencer's off the top of my head that deserves a seat at that table.  

What's in Your Fridge Right Now? 

DT - Oh boy!  I am a firm believer in buying in bulk so in my freezer you will find enough meat to feed an army, in my fridge plenty of veggies, and a plethora of Trader Joe's products.  

What Do You Do To Have & Maintain A Fab Lifestyle?  

DT - In order for me to have and maintain a fab lifestyle, I need my Erin Condren planner to keep all of my life in order, my Fenty Stunna lip paint in case I need to pop into an unexpected event, drink water, mind my business, and crush my goals.

What is Your Food Philosophy?  

DT - Life is too short to eat subpar food.

What is Your Food Guilty Pleasure? 

DT - It changes because I get on these hangups at times.  At this current moment, it is the Taco Bell Cantina in Chelsea.  I feel the eye rolls as I am mentioning this, but something is comforting about their chicken quesadilla and crunchy taco supreme.

Where Do You Go for A No-Fail Meal? 

DT - Any pizza or pasta from Bono Trattoria in Harlem, thanks to you :) 

What is Your Favorite Quote at The Moment?

DT - "You did not wake up to be mediocre."

Finish this sentence....." I Will Never Eat"

DT - Spam.  Meat with that type shelf life just cannot be good.

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