Pop up museums are big right now here in NYC. Gone are the days of being in a quiet museum for hours on end. Now these micro pop up museums that we have been seeing all over social media are completely interactive, history filled places that get you in and out in under 3 hours. Although we missed the Ice Cream museum, my best friend and I knew we needed to check out Rosé Mansion pop up museum before it ends in October. 

Rosé Mansion is located on 5th Avenue here in NYC and it's all about the fabulousness that is rosé wine. I do enjoy drinking rosé, but I will admit I'm not as versed on it as I am with other wines. Luckily, aside from drinking rosé all day, Rosé Mansion is actually both a learning and sensory experience. 

Once inside the mansion, on the second floor there are different interactive walk through rooms with instructors that teach you everything you need to know about grapes, wine making, and where rosé wines are made. You get to sample 8 different rosé wines from all over the world including France, Italy, South America and even here in New York. After sampling all 8, we discovered that we loved the rosés from right here in New York and France.

One of my favorite rooms was The Blending Lab where you get to create your own rosé wine blend. Here is where I found out I have a palette for slightly sweet, more bold and jammy wines, where as my best friend’s palette preferred drier crisper wines.


And let’s not forget that Rosé Mansion is 1000% Instagramable. You can snap photos of yourself doing any and everything here including walking through a wall of grapes, jumping in a ball pit to symbolize what being in a glass of sparking wine feels like, and they also have a pink sand beach for you to relax in while eating pink caviar and sipping even more rosé in the grand tasting lounge.

I LOVEEEEE sparkling wine & Champagne

I LOVEEEEE sparkling wine & Champagne

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that going to work and coming straight home is all you do. You forget that you live in the greatest city in the world, and I’m so glad that my best friend and I decided to take the day off to enjoy this fun pop up, and then we grabbed some lunch at STK Midtown after. I LOVED this museum and I highly recommend going before they close on October 21st so grab your tickets HERE.