I’m always on the hunt for new things and fab finds. Heres what I’ve been loving recently... 

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation - I attended a glam head shot event at Sephora a few months back hosted by Smashbox cosmetics. With the head shots, I purchased the 15 hour wear liquid foundation, photo finish primer and brow pencil and fell in love. The primer is a jelly like texture that when applied works simultaneously with the liquid foundation to give your face a flawless airbrushed like coverage. Even in my sweating, this foundation doesn't move or streak, but only comes off when you wash or wipe your face with a makeup remover. It's not heavy either, so much so that sometimes I forget I have it on until someone compliments me on how good my face looks. 

Dyson Ball Compact Allergy Upright Vacuum - I was given this vacuum as a gift and now I do not hesitate to vacuum ANYTHING. We always hear how great Dyson products are and I’m here to tell you there is no lies. The ball allergy vacuum is light weight, compact, and super easy to use. The parts are easy to put together with just a few clicks and the suction on this vacuum is made to specifically pick up microscopic dust and allergens. I have a pet and its fantastic at getting all of the pet hair up and the canister is easy to empty so none of the dirt or hair spills out. As long as I have carpet in my home I will always have a Dyson vacuum. 

Apple Give Back Program - Did you know Apple has a trade in program? I recently had to say goodbye to my beloved MacBook and while browsing for a new one on their website, I came across Apple’s Give Back program. You answer a few questions about the device you are looking to trade in and Apple quotes you a price. Drop it off in store or ship it out and Apple gives you a gift card in said amount that you can use for any new Apple product you purchase. I used my gift card to purchase my new desktop iMac. 

The Perfect Women’s Multi Vitamin by Olly - I hate swallowing pills, so I've been taking gummy multivitamins for a couple of years now. I tried Olly after my Target brand multi ran out(which I also love) and I wanted to give them a try after seeing so many positive reviews. These gummy vitamins come in all types of needs and in a stylish jar (perfect for the millennial woman). With a 30 day supply, I definitely noticed a difference in my mood once I started taking them regularly. And its also great that you can take these on an empty stomach since I tend to eat a very late breakfast. I am looking forward to trying Olly's energy gummies too, because the hustle to fabulousness takes a lot of energy. 

photo via  Olly IG

photo via Olly IG

STK - I dined at STK when they first landed in The Meatpacking District here in NYC years ago and have been a fan ever since. Recently, I've been dining with them more often and even in the gap of time that has passed, magically STK seems to have gotten better with time. In the days where restaurants struggle to keep customers coming back, I love the incentives that STK has been cranking out. They have a rooftop at some venues, a great happy hour, restaurant week menu's, themed holiday events and even dining credits when you reserve with them. I dined at the Midtown location for Mother's day and not only was it this locations first time doing brunch, but they knocked the mother's day brunch out the park. The food is always fresh and perfectly prepared and you always feel like you belong in their dining room while eating a fab meal. 

The Happy Hour Lash - I’m the lash queen and recently launched my own micro mink lash line. I have 4 different styles to fit every fabulous mood and my newest style, the “Happy Hour Lash” has been my go to so far. It’s perfect for summer as it has clusters, but flares at the end to give your eye a full and fabulous look. I’ve been wearing it a lot lately and it's caught the attention of a lot of fabulous ladies while I'm out manuvering the city life. You can purchase a pair of fab lashes HERE

Sephora Collection Rose Lip Mask - I have a nasty habit of picking at my mouth, especially my lips. And because of this, I always try to keep my lips moisturized. I came across the Sephora Collection Rose Lip Mask one day aimlessly wondering around the store (like everyone else) so I tried it. And I love it. I will admit its kind of weird due to the fact that its super wet and slimy from the moisturizer its packed in. Once you match the lip mask to the shape of your mouth, I keep it on for about 15 minutes and once I remove it, I rub the excess moisturizer into my lips and my duck lips are ready for the perfect selfie.

Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard - I was shopping for a keyboard for my iPad and of course I headed to Amazon. I didn’t want the typical keyboard that was a cover/keyboard combo but none the less I wanted something fabulous. I came across this Bluetooth keyboard that is a replica of an iMac keyboard and with high customer ratings I knew I had to have it. This keyboard is adorable. It connects to your iPads Bluetooth and simply runs of 2 AAA batteries. You follow the simple instructions on connecting your device, pull out the sliding tray, place your iPad in the middle and you are ready to type.