I follow some fabulous ladies on social media and Roberta Tabb is topping the list of the most fabulous. Roberta caught my eye when I noticed that she was unapologetic in her fabulousness and basically, you were going to deal or not. Umm hello... My kind of woman. I’ve been following Roberta for quite some time now and aside from her fabulousness I love her diligent lifestyle that she showcases. From her weekly meal prep to sharing her weight loss journey, or her new cookbook and my personal favorite watching her throw parties ( I love her monogrammed and printed menus) I knew Roberta was just the person I needed to talk to offline and just the fab woman you needed to see as well. Here I chat fabulously about her education, her weight lost transformation and her favorite place to eat fabulously.

-Where Did You Get Your Education?

Roberta Tabb - I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. There I received a Bachelors of Science in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Arts in Professional Writing from Chatham University.

-What is Your Current Position?

RT - eCommerce Art Director / Web Designer in the Fashion world.

- You Have Lost Over 140 pounds. What Inspired This Transformation?

RT - More than anything, I didn't like myself. It wasn't all about the way that I looked, I was so insecure that I was mean to people and I was afraid to be my true self. I spent years pretending to be harsh and rude. I hated myself for my many insecurities. At the root of that behavior, I saw it was born in the lack of self-care I gave to myself and the lack of self-control I had when eating and reacting.

-What Are Some Essential Items You Feel A Woman Needs to Have In Her Kitchen At All Times?

RT - I love this question! A cutting board and a good set of knives to go along with it. A magic bullet for healthy whatever options on the go. A wine rack! A lady must always be prepared to entertain. Plants! I absolutely love my fresh herb garden on my windowsill. Not only is it convenient when cooking, but the sight of all the greenery makes me happy and makes my Harlem kitchen truly feel like home.

-What's in Your Fridge Right Now?

RT - A LOT of fruit! Fresh and frozen!

- I Love Watching You Meal Prep On Snapchat & Instagram. What Are Some Tips for Successful Meal Prepping?

RT - Invest in a great set of storage containers and a set of mason jars (at least 5 of each). Both options are inexpensive and can be used in any cooking fashion. Also do your research, when you're getting started, focus on healthy foods you like to eat and find healthy recipes that use them as the main ingredient. Lastly, don't get discouraged, your food may not be the prettiest or tastiest at first, but I live by trial and error. Keep at it, keep starting - even in the worst cases, you'll still have saved yourself calories and money with prepped food.

-What Do You Do To Have A Fab Lifestyle?

RT - You have to KNOW yourself and you have to love yourself. Knowing yourself allows you to become aware of your triggers, wants and needs and enables you to respond accordingly in any situation life throws at you. Loving yourself allows you to create the environment to be your most fabulous self.

- Tell Us About Your New Book, Simply Tabbtastic and What Brought This Book To Life?

RT - Simply Tabbtastic is a Meal Prep Guide. Simple recipes with simple ingredients and instructions. Simple shopping lists and lots of motivational tips to get you going. A combination of factors led to the creation of Simply Tabbtastic. I have been meal prepping consistently for about 3 years, I love to cook and as a designer, I have an eye for aesthetics and I get questions frequently about how to get started. The combination of these things led to the creation of my book. I felt it necessary to create a how-to for a process I have perfected through trial and error over the past few years. I haven't come across anything similar and I find it very satisfying to have a tangible asset to offer to people trying to get started.

-What is Your Food Philosophy?

RT - "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID"- Simple, fresh ingredients, prepared in the simplest of ways. Also when reading labels if I can't spell it - I ain't eating it.

-What is Your Food Guilty Pleasure?

RT - I have so many, but probably cake is my biggest guilty pleasure. I have a vicious sweet tooth, so any fluffy, frosted baked good easily wins my heart.

-Where Do You Go for A No Fail Meal?

RT - So many choices, despite my healthy lifestyle - I'm HUGE on fine dining experiences overall. At the moment, I'd pick Mermaid Oyster bar for a no fail summer meal. Amazing Happy hour menu, crafty drinks and super fresh seafood. The menu has a mix of light and decadent tastes.

-What is Your Favorite Quote at The Moment?

RT - My motto and Mantra: START - over and over again, As many times as it takes!

-Finish this sentence....." I Will Never Eat"

RT - I will never eat vegetables out of a can or macaroni and cheese out of a box. (both were a huge part of my childhood )

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