2018 GOALS


Another year ahead to be, fabulous.

2017 was TOUGH. From the start, this year has been heavy and borderline excruciating. The weight of 2017 was on everybody's shoulders and every where you turned or no matter who you spoke to, people were going through it. 

While we have a seen people glow all the way up (Cardi B. we see you girl!) in 2017, we have also witnessed some detrimental things (i.e. yall President) When I wrote my fab goals for 2017  I was sure to leave room for the unexpected to happen, and I'm so glad I did. In 2017, I said YES to more unknown things which landed me my own food column in The Core Magazine. I got in front of the camera a little more, and while I ended one sided relationships, I sparked an old flame thats better now than it was 10 years ago. The biggest thing I didn't expect to happen in 2017 was the start of The Mise Group. I had been sitting on the idea of starting my own restaurant and chef management company for a while and it finally happened this year after a job interview gone wrong. More on that in the coming days. 


In 2018 I want to leave even more room open for the unexpected since I've been so goal orientated these past few years. I do have 3 major things I'm focusing on in the fabulous new year which include.....

Fab Financial Planning - I do a pretty solid job of managing my money and making sure my financial responsibilities are handled before I eat fabulously at any bodies dinner table. In 2018 I want to become even more financially responsible with checking my credit score regularly, keeping the number of bills I pay below 8, increasing the amount I push to my automatic savings plan, and make conscious efforts to continue paying for everything in cash. I have 1 personal credit card and although I love it, paying for everything in cash makes you aware of how much money you are actually spending. 

Start a Routine - I am HORRIBLE at starting and keeping a routine. I swear its a good idea at first but 3 days in and my mind wanders to something else. As I get ready to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship with The Mise Group, I want to begin to form habits NOW that I can take into the boss journey with me later. Even if its something as simple as getting up at the same time everyday. 

Not Absorbing Other People's SHIT - Everyone goes through things and that's perfectly ok. It's not okay to take on that burden with them. Over the past year I have had to break up with someone and mentally detach my focus at work because I was letting other peoples life's trauma and current issues absorb into me. I have learned that while it is simply ok to empathize with someone and try to understand their mental state it is NOT ok to allow those things to seep into your soul. Do not carry other people's weight for them. You just end of being weighed down. 

As always I want to wish everyone a fabulous and decadent new year. Use 2018 as a time to do what sets your heart on fire! I can't wait to see what the new year has in store and all the places I'm headed to next! 

animated photo via Sanaa K