New Year, New Skin. 

I’ve really been into taking care of my face lately. I’m still in my early thirties but getting a head start on the aging process is always a fab move. Although my face care routine is pretty simple with a cleanser, scrub, witch hazel as a toner and a face moisturizer, I'm always open to try new products that lift, firm, and continue to make my face look oh so fabulous. 

As we are right at the start of a new year, its always a good idea to implement a new routine and I am starting the year with a new skin care routine thanks to Robin McGraw. 

Robin McGraw launched "Robin McGraw Revelation’s Luxury Skincare Collection" in 2016 with daily and nightly skincare regimens to help bring your most beautiful skin to light. The collection consists of cleansers, moisturizers and serums chocked full of natural ingredients and free of harmful sulfates and chemicals. I was a little hesitant at first, as I worried if the products would be good on my face as a woman of color but that quickly went away as I started my regimen.

I vowed to myself to use these products everyday for a week straight and on the very first day I started this regimen, I saw results. I started with the Foaming Joy! Purifying Facial Cleanser and saw that may face was noticeably cleaner and brighter. There was no residual dirt or makeup left on my face, and its fragrance free so I didn't have any lingering scents as my face dried. There is a instant noticeable firmness and glow about your face that makes it easy to go through out your day without makeup. I use the Polish to Perfection Micro Polishing & Exfoliating Scrub once a week to buff off any dead skin and it keeps my skin incredibly smooth.

My next step was the Hydra Qwench Moisturizing Night Cream. Although it's a night cream, I used it during the day after cleansing my face and I was taken aback at how thick and creamy this moisturizer is. 3-4 pumps are recommended but with just 2 pumps of this cream my entire face was completely saturated, moisturized and supple. I love it so much that I use it every single day, even at night, and I'm secretly dreading running out. The hydra qwench cream is my favorite product from the regimen so far and this is definitely a must have staple especially in the winter months where everyones skin dries out. 

I must say that the Robin McGraw skincare line exceeded my expectations. This line isn't just good, it's GREAT and every woman needs to have it in her beauty arsenal. I can't wait to try other products including some serums to help transition my face for the spring. Have you tried the Robin McGraw skincare line? Let me know if the comments! 


Shop the full skin care line from Robin McGraw HERE