Now is the time to double your self care. 


With everything that is going on in our personal lives and in the world, self care is vital these days. If you follow me on Twitter you have definitely seen me retweet posts from Amber Janae, founder of   Amber focuses on inspiration, wellness, and just all around amazing vibes on her website and also on her podcast, The Core



Amber recently launched her own digital magazine appropriately titled, The Core Magazine  and in fabulous fashion, asked me if I would write the food column.  The Core Magazine is a digital self care and wellness magazine for men and women of color and with so much going on in the world, its right on time. 



I love the message and the inspiration behind The Core Magazine, and Im happy to be apart of it. Inside, you will find vibrant pages stocked to the brim with useful, powerful, and carefully crafted information to help you become the best version of yourself. I will be providing some of my love for food, tips and recipes in each issue along with other great contributors. With 2 issues already out, theres no better time to download a copy on your favorite device or order a print copy to read over during your downtime. 



Get your copy of The Core Magazine HERE | Keep Up with Amber Janae HERE