That Rihanna Reign just wont let up.  

As we are all still trying to calm down from the bomb that Rihanna dropped on us recently,  I got my hands on some of her new makeup from Fenty Beauty

I'm always willing to try new makeup as I purchase a wide range of beauty products. My everyday makeup routine consists of a powder foundation especially because I am 1 of the millions of women who have a hard time matching their skin tone to liquid foundation. What made me rush out to buy this product was not solely based on Rihanna herself (although, let's face it she is ALWAYS fabulous) but her mission to match all skin tones. 



Of course, in true RihRih fashion its go big or go home. She developed 40 shades for her first liquid foundation at the launch of her beauty line. The Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation comes in a sleek iced like bottle and promises to match and melt into your skin perfectly. When I first applied it, it did melt into my skin, so much so that at first glance it seemedlike I didn't have any makeup on.  The second time I applied it I layered it a little heavier and let it sit for a few minutes and VIOLA! 


My face looked fabulous. This foundation needs a moment to dry but when it does, you have this smooth, clear, amazingly beautiful skin. You can do light to full coverage with this foundation and no matter how heavy you apply it, your face will still look beautiful. I've been wearing it for a few days now and I must say Im happy that I made the purchase. I also purchased the universal lip bomb and it's a great everyday lip gloss that you can have in your bag, apply and instantly look pulled together. 

I am looking forward to purchasing more products from Fenty Beauty including the Match Stix's, KillaWatt highlighter, and more.