Nothing happened actually. 

I recently had to get rid of my MacBook. I’ve had it for 11 years and it was just at the slowing down stage. It took forever to come on, always needed the battery charging and I often had to restart it just to get it to function as it should. There was nothing I could really do to save it and with only a few months left on the battery life I decided to just get rid of it via Apple’s Trade in Program. 


At first I was worried. What am I going to do without my laptop? How am I going to work? I can’t do everything on my iPhone! But Christopher....its only a laptop... you may say as you are reading this. Yes that is true, but for me, a lot of great things came from that laptop.

I started this very blog on my MacBook, wrote my first book on it, started my new business on it  and everything in between, so of course it was hard for me to let it go with all of the growth that came from it, but it’s also been surprisingly easy as well. It feels like Im starting a new chapter.


When it was finally time for me to back up my MacBook to be shipped off, the stress of not having one instantly calmed. I’ve been in this very quiet state lately, just trying to relax, clear my mind and just sit with myself. ( I would like to assume I'm growing)  I’ve been looking to declutter and get rid of a lot things recently and although I love my MacBook, after I sent it off to MacBook heaven, I honestly don’t miss it. I even got rid of my Apple Watch too. For some reason I just want everything off of me. 

I have other devices so technically I can just do work on one of those but I’ve realized that the world doesn’t stop if I don’t have a computer in front of me. My iPhone is still here. My iPad is still here and honestly I'm ok with it. I’m someone that’s always on a device so I’m completely shocked at myself for still "functioning". It’s true what they say, everyone needs time to unwind and unplug at some point. And although I am purchasing a new computer in the next couple of weeks I am enjoying the start of my summer staycation not being glued to a screen all day. Talk about refreshing! 



Do you unplug with no devices? Let me know in the comments.