When you live in a bustling city, restaurants are always a dime a dozen. You have the outskirts on your mind but sometimes you just end up at your favorite city jawnts. When I was traveling back and fourth to college, the Culinary Institute of America to be exact, my mode of transportation was naturally Metro North. 

While in route up to school, stopping at the Yonkers train station was always one of my favorites. Nestled right on the water is a small community with shops, apartments, banks and more, along with some restaurants as well. I had passed by X2O Xaviar's on The Hudson in my travels and always made a mental note that it was one stop away from the city.  Sometimes you need that quiet moment outside of the city and this restaurant seemed like it would provide that perfect moment of quietness a city girl sometimes looks for. 


Finally, I had the chance to experience Xaviar’s recently as I headed to a baby shower to welcome a new fab bundle of joy to my family. Sitting right on the water with amazing Hudson River and Palisades views, X2O Xaviar’s on The Hudson is a multi level restaurant with a James Beard award winning chef to match. The menu, chock full of influences ranging from Spanish and Italian, to French techniques and notes of Asian flare, hits a variety of ways to experience the restaurant. Whether it be shrimp tempura for brunch with friends, black truffle risotto over a business meeting, or heritage pork during a romantic dinner, the menus are honestly perfect for any occasion. 

Once ready, we head upstairs to Xaviar's private dining space to welcome baby. We are greeted with house made mimosa's, bellini's and a private dining room overlooking the main dining room below. As guests begin to pour in, the waitstaff began fluttering around the room making sure everything was in place to begin serving brunch. With the bread course started and prix fixe brunch options to be selected from each guest, here were just some of our fabulous brunch options: 

Mushroom Ravioli 

Tempura of Shrimp & Asparagus 

Shrimp Tempura Sushi

Tuna & Baby Spinach Salad w. Enoki Mushrooms 

Coconut Shrimp

Hudson Valley Chicken Breast w. Scallion Risotto 

Sliced Lamb Chops 

Sliced Prime Rib 

Creme Brûlée


The prix fixe brunch menu consisted of choosing an appetizer an entree and creme brulee for dessert, but there were small courses in between including mushroom ravioli, coconut shrimp, sushi and more. All of the dishes that we had were perfectly timed to arrive at the table, and cooked to perfection. Fresh ingredients and proper cooking techniques really proved that Xaviar's is a place I could dine at again and again. 

As the baby shower progressed, the waitstaff was just as caring and attentive as they were when we first arrived and that also helped us have a relaxed and special day. Answering questions, initiating conversation and keeping all of our mimosa glasses full, it was great to see that the waitstaff was enjoying the day as we were ours. When your waitstaff is attentive and the food is equally as great, thats the perfect recipe for a fab restaurant. 

As the celebration for baby came to an end, there is no doubt about it that X2O Xaviar's on the Hudson is a place I can come to again and again. And you should too.  I am so glad I took the day to enjoy family and friends outside of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a day of elegant service, fabulous food and genuine laughter. I can not wait to dine at X2O Xaviar's on the Hudson again, so much so that I already know what I want to order! 


X2O Xaviar's On The Hudson 

71 Water Grant Street 

Yonkers, New York 10701

(914) 965-1111