Cue, Jeniece Isley.

I don’t quite remember how I met Jeniece Isley, but I do remember that it’s been great knowing her ever since. Aside from Jeniece granting me the privilege to be a contributing writer on her website and to cook along side her at her former company Get Em’ Girls Inc., Jeniece has always been one of my favorite fab ladies. Now years later, Jeniece continues to be everything and more with a new title including being a dope mom. I reached out to Jeniece because not only is she living a fab lifestyle, she is also a bestselling author and a fab foodie too. 


-Where Did You Get Your Education?

Jeniece Isley - Well, I've never gone to culinary school...I learned everything I know either through trial and error, at my mother's hip, and through the tutelage of Therese Nelson, who was our recipe consultant and Executive Chef of Get Em Girl Catering. 

-What is Your Current Position?

JI - I wear a few hats. I'm partner at AB & Dakota, our media and merchandising company; 1/3 of the Hey, Ma Podcast; and I'm an Executive Assistant for a pharmaceutical company. However; my most important position is mother to an amazing three year old little boy. 

-Tell us about Dope Mom Approved & The Hey Ma Podcast?

JI - Dope Mom Approved is a lifestyle blog founded by myself and my business partner Shakara Artis. We wanted to provide an outlet for mothers like ourselves who are managing motherhood, careers, entrepreneurship, and still managing to eat and love well. Hey, Ma Podcast basically provides an outlet to wax poetic about our misadventures in adulting and motherhood. As new-ish moms with a penchant for trap music and organic chia seeds, we share our comedic and often opinionated commentary on everything from co-sleeping to Kodak Black. 

-What Are Some Essential Items You Feel A Woman Needs to Have In Her Kitchen At All Times?

JI - Hmm, had you asked me this in my "Get 'Em Girl" days, I would have sure enough said something like really great olive oil and a sharp, I'm like SNACKS!! Make sure you have snacks...and wine. 

-What's in Your Fridge Right Now?

JI - Almond milk, apple juice, a bunch of leeks, 4 center-cut pork chops, mixed greens, and too many condiments to name. 

Jeneice's Jackfruit Slider

Jeneice's Jackfruit Slider

-You Are A Fab Mom. How Do You Incorporate and Teach Your Son About Food and Eating?

JI - I don't. He's picky as hell when it comes to food. He literally likes 5 things, tops--spaghetti, waffles/pancakes, baked beans, pizza, and Chick-fil-a waffle fries. I try to sneak vegetables in his spaghetti and through green smoothies made with lots of mango which he also loves. 

-What is Your Food Philosophy?

JI - Life is short AF, eat the cake! 

-What is Your Food Guilty Pleasure?

JI - I absolutely love doubles--I can't find them here in NC where I live now, so my mother buys them from Ali's Roti shop on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, freezes them, and brings them down by the bundle when she comes. Thank God for moms and curried chickpeas!

-Where Do You Go for A No Fail Meal?

JI - I live in a pretty ethnically diverse area in NC and there are the most delicious Indian restaurants here. So for a no fail meal, I'd say my favorite Indian restaurant for butter chicken with garlic naan bread and jasmine rice. 

-What is Your Favorite Quote at The Moment?

JI - "Be a Pisces. Jam." - Quincy Jones

-Finish this sentence....." I Will Never Eat..."

JI - Okra and stewed tomatoes. Yuck! 

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