It’s time to sloth off the winter blues. Spring has sprung and naturally the weather will change. For me I find that when the seasons are still slightly unsettled my skin doesn’t know what to do. I always have some salt in my kitchen and with the excess, I use it to quickly scrub the dead skin off whenever I’m in the shower. Along with a cult favorite, Dr. Bronner's liquid soap I combine the two and within minutes of mixing and applying in the shower, I have a great at home body scrub.

As far as the Dr. Bronner's liquid soap which I love, I use the peppermint soap in the warmer months to keep cool and the almond soap in the cooler months because it has a warming effect. I store the salt in a small plastic pint container and keep it on the shelf in my bathroom and I even use a little when I’m washing my hands to keep my hands soft too. 

You don’t have to buy exspensive name brand scrubs every time you run out. My 3 ingredient body scrub is a quick, super affordable and fabulous alternative. 


My Quick 3 Ingredient at Home Body Scrub


Course Salt 

Dr. Bronner's liquid soap 


Mix even parts course salt and sugar in a plastic jar and place in the shower. When ready to shower, wet the desired section of your body and in your hand combine a hand full of salt and a squeeze of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap. Rub all over your body in soft circular motions and rinse off with warm water. Continue using body scrub, rinsing off scrub completely and continue to shower as usual.