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The weekend is here and its time to eat fabulously. There's no better way to spend the weekend than dining out. It gives you a chance to take risks and explore some new restaurants that you normally wouldn't gravitate towards during the week. I've dined at all 6 of these restaurants recently and each one is fabulous in it's own right. Whether you want a cozy sit down dinner, a authentic bowl of noodles, or are grabbing dinner at 2am, here are 6 restaurants to try this weekend.  


Charlie Bird - Charlie Bird is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC. They take food and the dining experience seriously but in an unpretentious way. Charlie Bird is always bustling and their dining room playlist is so dope. Its every rap and hip hop song you can think of along with seasonal perfectly cooked food. Even if you can't get a table, I highly suggest even waiting for some seats at the bar. Its just that good. 
Charlie Bird, 5 King Street N.Y. N.Y. 10012

Hot and Juicy Crawfish - the long awaited arrival of the Las Vegas staple chain Hot and Juicy Crawfish has landed in Chelsea. I headed there plastic glove ready a few weeks after they opened and I must say its a pretty decent place. Bags and buckets of perfectly cooked seafood, cool appetizers and they even have a bar for cocktails. 

Hot & Juicy Crawfish, 243 West 14th Street, N.Y. N.Y. 10011


The Standard Grill - Right on the ground level of the ever so popular and quirky Standard Hotel is The Standard Grill. Its one of 5 properties on the hotels grounds and the most popular brasserie style food in the neighborhood. Grab the Standard burger, the roasted cauliflower with pickled golden raisins, the wake and bake and slice of birthday cake for dessert. Ask to sit in the amazing pergola at night or outside to people watch during the day in the trendy Meatpacking District. A huge bonus is that The Standard Grill stays open till 4am, so its also a great late night spot as well. 

The Standard Grill, 848 Washington Street, N.Y. N.Y. 10014


Hotel Chantelle - right in the Lower East Side sits this popular multi- level restaurant and bar. The rooftop is Instagram worthy with the hip crowd and has small bar to hang out with friends. You can eat there too at any of the tables but I suggest grabbing a reservation because they get really busy. (A huge plus that they have 1,000 point Opentable reservations) I LOVE the presentation of the menus items here so make sure to get a pitcher of red sangria and the ten dollar pretzel for the table to share. 

Hotel Chantelle, 92 Ludlow Street, N.Y. N.Y. 10002

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Very Fresh Noodles - After seeing a clip on First We Feast Instagram about these hand pulled noodles, I headed to VFN location inside Chelsea Market a few days later. Tucked in the back of the market, there is a 20-25 minute wait time for these authentic hand pulled noodles accompanied with your choice of tingly cumin scented beef or lamb( a vegan option is also available). The wait though is the perfect time for you get to witness the chef's technique of actually slapping, twisting and hand pulling the noodles you are about to devour. 
Very Fresh Noodles, 425 West 15th Street, N.Y. N.Y. 10011


Gansevoort Market - Right in the heart of The Meatpacking District resides the fairly new Gansevoort market. Inside there are a handful of purveyors dishing out amazingly good food at individual kiosks. Some of my favorites include Gotham Poke, Big Gay Ice Cream, and Hold My Knots. Also tucked in the back is Sushi by Bou, a $50 omakase that I cant wait to try
Gansevoort Market, 353 West 14th Street, N.Y. N.Y. 10014


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