Are you following me on Instagram? If you are a human that's been on Instagram over the last 5+ years, then you know how much food pictures play a major role on the highly popular social media platform. As I scroll though numerous pictures of some visually amazing food, there's always those chefs whose food entices me a little bit more than others. Cue Chef Shaun Forsett. Ive been following Shaun for a few years now and his plates take my breathe away with every single post. I knew I needed to chat fabulously and ask him all my favorite questions, because seriously, do you see these skills! 

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Eating Fabulously - Where Did You Get Your ducation?

Chef  Shaun Forsett - I received my education from the International School of Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

What is Your urrent Position?
SF  - I'm currently a private/personal chef. I have an in house client I prepare meals for daily, as well as one time clients, where I cater small dinner parties. 


What made you want to pursue your career as a private chef? 
SF - I knew after a few semesters of culinary school that I was skilled enough to venture out on my own. I had a game plan and a host of ideas. Thats when The Purple Plate came about.

What is the PurplePlate ?

SF - The Purple Plate signifies my food being fit for royalty, kings and queens, or treating my clients like royalty. Hence the color Purple.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Kitchen Essentials That Every Person Needs to Have in Their Kitchen?
SF - I'd say... kosher salt, peppermill, lots of olive oil, plenty of seasonings, vinegars, mustard, sharp knives, squirt bottles and porcelain plating.... You have to have sparkling whites plates and serve ware is a must...

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What is Your Food Philosophy?
SF - My food philosophy would be to take ordinary ingredients and make them extraordinary... I have a love for ingredients.

What is Your Food Guilty Pleasure?
SF - Ok I have a few.... butter pecan ice cream, horseradish-cheddar potato chips and grillled cheese with bacon and tomato. I make the best grilled cheese..


Finish this sentence....." I Will Never Eat"
SF - I will never eat liver smothered in okra. That's just awful..


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