I’m always keeping up with the Kardashian’s. 

If you know me then you know I love the Kardashian’s. From day one to the present I’ve always been fascinated by this family of women who are unapologetic about their success. Crocodile Hermès Birkin bags and Bentley’s included. Although I have my favorites, when Kim posted on her Instagram about her new KKW fragrance she was dropping, I paid attention. I’m not a perfume aficionado but I do love a great scent. Since a favorite scent of mine went out of production years ago, I’ve always kept a mental note to try some new scents whenever I came across. 

Once the KKW Fragrance launched, I like everyone else was a little hesitant about purchasing a bottle because it’s not being sold in any stores. How do I purchase a perfume that I can’t physically smell?!?!  After reading the scent descriptions for all 3 of the fragrances, I decided to purchase the crystal gardenia to start. 


In true Kardashian style the packaging is minimal yet luxurious and even came with 3 mini crystals and a sealed note. I ordered the 35ml bottle which is designed amazingly and the size is perfect as a trial and even small enough to carry in your bag without being bulky. 

If you had any worry about how this would smell, I'm here to tell you that this fragrance smells amazing. It is super feminine, bright and fresh on the nose with some light floral notes. I am a person that sweats and the scent stays with you long after your day ends. I noticed that this fragrance stayed on me during a 12 hour day. Honestly, its really just that good and worth the money. 

 I could see the crystal gardenia being my go to scent as we make our way through winter and I'm even looking forward to purchasing the 2 other scents sometime over the holiday season.  With the successful launch of Kim's beauty line and now this fragrance I cant wait to see what she puts out next. Kim, you hit this out the park. 


Purchase your KKW Fragrance on the website HERE