Ive been on avocado's lately, which is totally nothing new. I put avocado on everything possible.. every sandwich, every burger, every egg.. even by it self with just a sprinkling of cracked sea salt. But the word "GUACAMOLE"  bounced around in my mind a few days ago and Ive been shoveling guacamole in my mouth ever since this revelation. Guacamole is super quick and easy, plus the upside of guacamole is, that a few ingredients makes a lot! Also, its the start of summer so head out to your local farmers market, and pick up all these local ingredients AND support the farmers! 

This is one of those recipes that you can make your own by adding or taking away whichever ingredient your fab heart desires. I add a few drops of olive oil to my guacamole, which adds a extra creamy and silky texture to it. Also, one of my favorite add-ins to guacamole is blanched or charred white corn and a little minced jalapeños. Just slice the kernels off the cob, mince the jalapeños finely and fold into the guacamole. 



** CHEFS TIP: Avoid oxidation and discoloration from happening with your fresh guacamole by leaving 1-2 avocado seeds on the bowl with the prepared guacamole OR add in a few teaspoons of olive oil ! 


ripe avocado's, about 3-4 

1/2  red onion, small dice

1 roma tomato, small dice

1/2 jalapeno, minced 

juice of 1 lime 

salt -n- pepper

olive oil, optional 

In a large bowl, combine the first 4 ingredients, lightly smashing with a whisk. Season guacamole with salt and pepper to your desired taste and if adding olive oil, drizzle in oil and fold in with a spoon. 


photo via Gretta Z.