I recently received the June issue of Food and Wine Magazine and the entire issue is about grilling andbarbecuing. Now, Im thinking of everything I can put on the grill this summer. The warm weather has me all ready to dine al fresco, but grilling is the ultimate summer staple. From fruit to veggies, and everything in between, everything tast better with a smokey char. Ive been posting some How To's and tip's from my internship and it hit me that my fab eaters need how to's and tips as well. So lets kick of the our first how to, with my all time favorite: How To Grill a Fab Steak...

Start off Fab: 

No matter the cut of meat that you love to eat, whether it be hanger steak, porterhouse, or my favorite the bone-in rib eye, there are things that can turn your steak from good to fab. To start off, your steak needs to be as fresh as possible. Apart of Eating Fab is to eat as fresh as possible, so head to your local butcher or your best grocer.  Before grilling, your steak should come to room temperature. This helps the steak cook evenly. Next, salt and pepper are greatbut salting your steak too early before cooking will result in a dry steak. Naturally, salt draws moisture out of food, so the longer the salt sits on the steak the more water the salt will draw out even before cooking. Season your steak with salt and pepper right before cooking

Fat is Fab Flavor: 

Another key factor when cooking a great steak is the marbling. Marbling, known as the white lines of fat throughout the steak, add flavor to your meat. It's essential that your steak has a good amount of marbling, and lets face it, no one likes a dry steak. 

Cook your fab steak: 

Cooking your steak your desired way will help you enjoy your meal more, because hey, its your steak!  Broiling, searing or grilling are all great ways to cook your steak, but this is about the grill! Whether using a charcoal grill or a gas grill, your grill must be HOT! You want a nice sear when your steak hits the grill and you also want to achieve perfect hash marks. Flipping your steak only once will help with even cooking, and do not flip your steak with a fork. Puncturing the steak while cooking releases the juices prematurely and can lead to a dry steak.

Eat your fab steak

Once your steak is cooked how you prefer, the last few important minutes of the process before eating has arrived. As you chose your desired temperature (rare, medium rare, medium or well done)  Indentation that bounces back is a key sign that your steak is NOT well done. Do not cut into your steak to check for doneness while cooking. Cutting releases the juices and makes your steak tough and dry. If your steak is undercooked, you can always keep cooking it. You can not undo a overcooked steak. Allow your steak to rest for 10 minutes, preferably on a wire cooking rack before slicing to allow the juices to redistribute back through out the steak. This is a vital step in cooking the perfect steak. Resting helps the steak stay juicy and flavorful.