I've had a love/hate relationship with the NYC dining scene over the past 5 years. While NYC is no doubt the greatest food city in the world, recently other cities have been beating us at our own game. 

We are surrounded by restaurants. Every day when I log into Eater, as a report of one restaurant closes, another restaurant is born. An over population of restaurants means the care from beginning to end of the dining experience begins to decline, which doesn't make me run to new places like I used to. 

Restoration Hardware NYC
Restoration Hardware NYC

Insert my lunch a few weeks ago. Recently, Restoration Hardware landed in NYC with a massive city block long building with amazing furnishings and the architecture to match. While this place is decked out in of course furniture, there is a fabulous marble coffee shop on the 4th floor with marble counter tops, lots of gold accents, wifi and meeting space. Head one level higher and you are at The RH Rooftop, a visually stunning full service rooftop restaurant. What’s in front of you is a bright and beautifully open restaurant covered in greenery and chandeliers. Marble tables seat 2 and or 4 guests with a glass elevator in the middle of the room. You’re surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and on a clear day, the perfect view while you dine.

RH Rooftop does not accept reservations so everyone is walking in. This could be a factor of what time you are looking to dine, but on an afternoon for lunch, my coworkers and I only waited 20 minutes before being sat. As I look around you can tell whose dining; the ladies who lunch, the Instagramer’s, the tourists in NYC on vaca, and the people who NEEDED to see what all the hype has been about.

As we got settled into our partial booth and the iced tea’s began flowing, it was time to put this beautiful restaurant to the test…

RH Rooftop Restaurant

Here’s What We Dined On:

- RH Scramble - Farm Eggs, Creme Fraiche, Avocado, Chives, Texas Toast

-Burrata - Roasted Tomato Salad, Aged Sherry, Toasted Garlic Bread

-RH Burger - Sharp Cheddar, Pickles, Onions, Dijonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato

-Shaved Ribeye Sandwich - Garlic Bread, Swiss Cheese, Cherry Peppers, Au Jus

-Banana Split

I have this thing about perfectly cooked food in restaurants, especially now when people are eating and dining 24/7 and consistency can be lost. It takes a skilled person to make it, and a skilled restaurant to produce it every single day. RH Rooftop did just that. I have not had food this fresh and perfectly prepared in a long time. Our burrata to share was firm on the outside and ultra creamy on the inside. I had no problem smearing it on the accompanying garlic bread, although I wish was just a minute softer.

I’ve been on a soft scrambled egg binge recently and RH did not disappoint. My scrambled eggs were perfection and the avocado was seasoned with salt and lemon juice which when served as a side, a lot of restaurants forget to add this touch. The menu states Texas toast but this was Texas toast’s bougie cousin Sheila, a thick piece of brioche like bread just completely seared in butter. I stan.

Burrata at RH Rooftop Restaurant
Shaved Ribeye Sandwich at RH Rooftop Restaurant
Banana Split at RH Rooftop Restaurant

My coworker’s RH burger, which was a double layer was prepared well done but still juicy on the inside (RH Rooftop only offers 2 burger temperatures, medium rare and well done due to the thinness of the burger patty) This burger differed from the normal due to there being minced red onions already on the burger and lightly salted thinly sliced cucumbers replace the average pickle.

We ordered the banana split for the table and it was such a great decision. Think of a banana split, but make it fashion. Little jars of toppings on the side, thick hot fudge sauce and the classic strawberry/vanilla/chocolate combo with fresh vanilla whipped cream was a perfect way to end a fabulous day at Restoration Hardware. I will always have $21 for this banana split.

RH Rooftop at Restoration Hardware is the best restaurant I have dined at since the new year started. It reminds me of what dining in New York City used to be and I realized that I miss that era. RH Rooftop Restaurant is also an every occasion restaurant which makes it even better. A meeting. friends lunch or a date night can be had here. Although the menu is on the smaller side right now, Im curious to see what the new spring menu season will bring here. Whatever it is, I will be there with fab bells on.