Having amazing teeth is a fabulous thing. 

After months of seeing ads on everything from Twitter to Pinterest to on the train during my morning commute, I recently decided to try the Quip toothbrush

Normally I haven’t been a fan of electric toothbrushes so I did have some apprehension about Quip which is you guessed it... an electric toothbrush. But with Quip promising to be different, I decided to give it a try. I love trying out new products anyway so this was a no brainer purchase on my recent trip to Target.

Quip is in fact, different. Quip toothbrushes are electric but instead of a steady vibration, this toothbrush sonically pulsates on a 2 minute timer with 30 second intervals. The 30 second intervals allow for the 4 sides of your mouth to get the proper amount of cleaning time. The toothbrush shuts itself off after 2 minutes and you can either keep brushing manually, start another 2 minutes or stop brushing completely. 


Quip is also different because not only is this not your average toothbrush, this is a subscription based electric toothbrush. After you register and create your profile on Quip’s website, Quip automatically sends you a new toothbrush head and new battery every 3 months for $5 with free shipping. You never have to worry about replacing your toothbrush head or going a gross amount of time before buying a new toothbrush all together. Add $5 more to that and you can have Quip anti-cavity toothpaste added to your subscription as well. For $40 you can have the electric toothbrush in a color of your choice or select the manual toothbrush in the color of your choice for $25.

I cracked open the snazzy box and set up my profile online. When you press the Q in the center of the toothbrush, the pulsating begins and it’s time to brush. The sensation takes a second to get used to and the 30 second timer is slightly weird. The toothbrush head also comes with a small tongue scraper on the back and in a timed 2 minutes I was done brushing. I couldn’t quite compute what had just happened in my mouth so I slowly walked out the bathroom and went to bed.

The next morning I brushed my teeth again and it’s official…my mind was blown. This Quip electric toothbrush is fantastic. My mouth and teeth felt cleaner like I just came from a dentist office and the sleek thin design helps as well. You’re not maneuvering a bulky toothbrush through your mouth, but a lightweight toothbrush thats small enough to cover every inch. After using my Quip toothbrush for about a month, I find myself wanting to play hooky from work and brush my teeth all day. I can’t wait to add the toothpaste to my subscription so I can really enjoy the full benefits of Quip.

Are you planning to try a Quip electric or manual toothbrush?