It’s funny the older you get the more you begin to do the complete opposite. In my teens I could care less about skincare, as breaking my curfew was the only thing on my mind. Now I’m in my early thirties and have become obsessed with my face. I’m cleaning, scrubbing, lifting up and moisturizing even more now than ever. I was already a slight product junkie but it’s been magnified even more as I’m now buying eye creams and lip masks. 

The focus, is a fab face.

Everyone in my family has great skin and that’s helping but I’m also taking matters into my own hands and getting a hold of my skincare routine. It’s true that you are never to young to start taking care of your face and I am full speed ahead. These products below I use everyday and/or at least once a week. Along with lots of water and trying to eat decent foods, these products help my face look well, fabulous. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel & Hydro Boost Water Gel - The Hydro boost Collection from Neutrogena is literally genius. I started using both the face wash and gel moisturizer a couple months back and haven’t stopped since. The hydro boost cleansing gel is my daily everyday face wash and it takes away all the dirt and makeup while visibly plumping up your face. The hydro gel is the icing on the cake, as I use it as my daily moisturizer. (if I run low, I freak out) Although I don't have dry skin, I never feel that my face is dry or sticky using this moisturizer. I also just bought the Hydro Boost sunscreen because I love this collection so much. 

Robin McGraw Revelation Dot Your Eyes Power Peptide Eye Cream - I’ve been using the uber fabulous Robin McGraw skincare line for a few months now and I’m still in love with her products. Recently she just launched a peptide eye cream. I unknowing pull on my eyes all the time whether inserting my contact lenses, applying my fab lashes or dabbing on concealer with a beauty blender. The skin around your eyes is supremely sensitive and over time pulling on it can begin to do some damage. And because of all of this, using Robin’s peptide eye cream was a no brainer. The natural botanical ingredients and the 5 peptide complex helps reduce puffy eyes and get a hold on fine lines. I apply small dots under my eye and let it sit for a second before lightly rubbing it in an upward sweeping motion all over my eye.  Once massaged in you can instantly see that the skin around your eye is firmer.  

T.N Dickinson's Witch Hazel - I go over my face once a week with witch hazel. After I wash my face, I saturate a cotton round with witch hazel and just wipe it all over my face to remove any excess dirt, mascara and anything else I may have missed in normal washing. Once it’s all over my face I let it dry then apply my face moisturizer as normal. You can say this is my "toner" per se but I do love the extra layer of cleaning the witch hazel provides on my face. 

Clarin's Super Restorative Night Cream - I recently got into Clarin's products thanks to my aunt, who is a fellow product junkie herself. All of Clarin's intensive products are amazing but I fell in love with the night cream, specifically. It's super rich in texture and glides on easily. You will notice your face become hydrated instantly and even though it's slated for night time, I do slather it on after I wash my face during the day as well. 

Vaseline - Sometimes there is nothing better than just some plain ol' vaseline. It's really a multi-function product, but I apply lots of vaseline on my lips before I go to sleep, which helps keep my lips super smooth. 


What are some of your favorite skin care products? Share them below in the comments so I can check them out!