Friday the 13th is a day of superstition, good luck and also tattoos. I’m a lover of tattoos and like everyone in the beginning, I swore off tattoos after my first one. I’m now on tattoo number 7 and Friday the 13th is always a fun time to add a tattoo to my collection. Across the country and NYC included, a lot of tattoo shops jump at the chance to have specials on this day and some even set the price of $13+ per tattoo. You get to choose from sheets of select pre made tattoos and if you're lucky some places let you add special touches or allow you to get more than one tattoo if you choose.  

My best friend and I have made it a tradition to get tattoo's every Friday the 13th and now I have included my other friends in the mix as well. There's typically a huge line so we get up early and head to the tattoo shop, even though we know we are going to be there for a couple of hours. Its just a fun thing we do here in NYC, which has now sparked a mini tradition and it also feeds our never ending tattoo itch. 

We decided to check out this new place on West 4th street as I kept this particular shop in my memory because they have over 10,000 tattoo designs to choose from. The payment process was a little wonky but once the gang and I got pass that, getting tattooed was pretty fast. We were in and out and heading to lunch in a couple of hours. I love that we started and keep up with our mini tradition every couple of months. Each of my tattoos symbolizes something special and my friends are truly my heart, so its the perfect fab combo. 

Do you have any traditions that you and your friends have created? Let me know in the comments ! 

Village Pop Tattoo 

331 6th Avenue 

New York, NY 10014