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Let's take this back to my college days. I met Chef Kevin Ashade when we were both pursuing our bachelors degrees at The Culinary Institute of America. While the college days are behind us, I still continue to watch Kevin become a dope chef and someone I think you should know. With a plethora of accomplishments under his belt including a recent Eater Young Guns Nomination, I catch up with Kevin to discuss his favorite no fail meal and what prompted him to start his own company. 


Eating Fabulously - Where Did You Get Your Education?
Chef Kevin Ashade -  I received my Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts Management from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), in Hyde Park, New York.

What is Your Current Position?
Chef Kev- I am an Executive Chef and founder of GourmEATS Catering Services

With so many restaurants and food businesses to choose from what sparked the move to go out on your own?

Chef Kev- I have always considered myself to be independent. After working in the industry for a number of years, I eventually built a strong network of clients and took the leap of faith to serve as my own boss. After a few years under my belt, I'm proud to say that GourmEATS is one of the preferred catering companies in the City of Dallas.

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What Are Some Essential Kitchen Items That You Think Every Person Needs to Have in Their Kitchen?
Chef Kev - That's easy: (1) chef's knife, (2) 10" sauté pan and (3) a cutting board. With these three items, you can essentially prepare any meal to perfection.

What is Your Food Philosophy?
Chef Kev - With two hands and the will to succeed, anybody can prepare anything.

What is Your Food Guilty Pleasure?
Chef Kev- As a Texan, I have to say Mexican food.


Where do You Go for A No Fail Meal?
Chef Kev - I head to Velvet Taco  The food there literally never fails me

How Did You Get On Eater's Radar for the Young Guns Nomination?
Chef Kev- My good friend, the very talented Chef  JJ Johnson nominated me for Eater Young Guns.

You Beat Bobby Flay. What Was That Experience Like for You?
Chef Kev - My game plan was fairly simple. My goal was to successfully defeat my first opponent. After passing that obstacle, I was confident that I would be able to topple and "beat" Bobby.

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Finish this sentence....." I Will Never Eat"

Chef Kev - Okra!


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