Ube Ice Cream

Here's some soft serve with a fab twist. You can pretty much get anything your heart desires here in NYC, including purple ice cream. This city is filled to the brim with amazing eats and just when you think you've had something great to eat, something better pops up. Cue Soft Swerve, a pretty unconventional and pretty fabulous ice cream shop taking Instagram by storm.

I first noticed Soft Swerve because I work directly across the street from the brand new ice cream shop on Allen street in Chinatown. The second thing I noticed about Soft Swerve is the line that forms every single day. The third thing I noticed is the purple ice cream they are cranking out, appropriately called ube. 


Ube is a purple yam/ sweet potato that is used regularly in Filipino cuisine and apparently turns into a fabulous ice cream as well. The initial day I decided to walk across the street and braced the line, the ube was sold out but the black sesame flavor caught my eye too. I love black sesame in other aspects so I opted for the black sesame shake. It was so so good. Super nutty from the sesame and creamy as a shake should be.  

After weeks of watching a line form, I decided to try my luck again and cross the street for ube.  The ice cream gods where on my side and I was able to get a regular cup of ube soft serve. It's slightly sweet and slightly earthy and also a little funky on the end in a good way that its kind of indescribable.  The ice cream doesn't taste like a "yam" per se but its really creamy and bright and definitely photo worthy. 

Ube Soft Serve .jpg

With other amazing ice cream flavors, fun colorful cones and a multitude of toppings and combos to choose from, Soft Serve is the happiest ice cream shop in town. I will admit that I eat ube soft serve once a week, religiously. When I have a bad work day, when I have a good work day, whatever it is, you can find me there. And you should be there too. 



85B Allen Street | N.Y. N.Y. 10002 


photos via Soft Serve website and Euna Park