When beauty and social media collide.  

Ive been getting into beauty and makeup lately with the help of social media. I came across Pepper B. via Instagram and knew I had to talk to her. What caught my attention with Pepper is that she isn't just talking about the norm (i.e. MAC products, super arched brows or lashes ) but she's educating her audience, myself included on the art of beauty.  

She is also showing us dope nail envy, amazing tattoo's, girl power inspiration and super fab products from her shop. I had the chance to catch up with Pepper B as she lets us know the products every fab girl needs, where she likes to dine for dinner, and how she got her start. Im chatting fabulously with Pepper B.... 

Where did you get your education ? 
Pepper B - Prior to attending beauty school in NYC along with several classes and workshops, I learned what I needed to know about beauty through practice. This is something that I had a passion for and was good at. Beauty has always been a trend but back when I went to school I felt the industry had a lot more to offer in terms of education; there weren't so many rules. No rights or wrongs... just creating.

What is your Niche’ ? 

PB - I am a NYC based beauty journalist/makeup artist and the creator of   My niche is beauty and everything surrounding it. Beauty is something that is effortless for me because I have a genuine passion for it. 


What are some brands that we should get to know ? 
PB - The Lip Bar, Black-Up, Juvias Place & Floss Gloss for sure.

What moved you to create 
PB - What moved me to create was and still is wanting change. You can always reinvent yourself. ALWAYS! After owning my previous blog for 6 years and mastering a few things, I knew I needed to start over but with something fresh and focus on branding my name. I’ve always had a decent following but my talent goes beyond make-up so I developed this platform to really express that.

How did you get your start with beauty and makeup? 
PB - I decide to jump start my career by taking a leap of faith and leaving my job that was more relative to the fashion industry in order to pursue something I was really passionate about. I started an entry level position in beauty in order to gain experience and focused solely on perfecting what I know. After that my career in beauty took off. I can't begin to name the amount of things I had the opportunity of dabbling in during this time. Here I am 10 years later and I still find new things I love within beauty everyday.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? 

PB - I’m the ultimate foodie actually. Food makes or breaks every situation lol I love to try local food places when I travel. My favorite app right now is the Munchies Viceland app. Its such cool thing for really good eats when you travel.


What is your food philosophy? 
PB - In my mind food feels like traveling, you get exactly what you pay for and sometimes you have to pay a little more for a better experience.

What's the one thing you have in your fridge at all times? 
PB - Almond milk is something that I need at all times. As well as fresh spices and barbecue sauce. I use them all for different things but they all have purpose for me.

What is your food guilty pleasure? 
PB - Oddly as it sounds I don't like sweets, I’ve never had a sweet tooth. I blame that on my mom, as child she would trick me and give me the smallest fruit and tell me it was candy. What I do have a guilty pleasure for is anything SPICY! I love spicy food, hot sauce, jerk sauce and pepper sauce. You name it I love it. 

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What are some products that every fab girls needs to have.
PB - Every fab girl needs a good complexion regimen.  Good Skin is always better then good shadow or a good lip. Good skin also makes everything look better. Less is so much more.

Where do you go for a no fail meal? 
PB - For breakfast my favorite no fail meal is Bubby’s in the Meatpacking District.
For dinner my favorite no fail meal is Blue Ribbon Sushi in the Thompson Hotel in the L.E.S

Finish this sentence, ...."I will never eat”...   

PB - Beef or Pork. I haven't had beef or pork in 12 years and probably ever wont have it again. This was just a personal choice and I just don't have the taste for it anymore.


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