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Winter has arrived. Cold weather has crept in and although I'm not a winter person, I did find some great products that I can't see myself without now that it's cold. I generally tend to hibernate as soon as there is a chill in the air, but if I were to run out of these following items, I'd grab my parka and hit the streets. 

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Crest White strips - At the start of the 2017, I wanted to brighten my smile. I knew I didn’t need an expensive whiting kit because my teeth were fairly white due to my daily whitening toothpaste, but I was aiming to get them whiter. I had heard mixed reviews about Crest White strips, but the biggest thing I had heard was the sensitivity it caused on your gums. I inquired with my dentist and decided to go for it. While on a trip to Costco, I purchased 2 boxes for the price of one and ran home to whiten my teeth. I didn’t want to chance any gum sensitivity, so I applied them every other day as my dentist suggested. Within 3 days I could see a difference in my smile. My teeth were BRIGHT white. I completed the first kit and I'm still going strong with white teeth 6 months in. I can't wait to start my second round this winter so I can keep this bright white smile going into the new year. 

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The Honey Pot Co. Wash + Wipes - I’m big on hygiene and even bigger on feminine hygiene. Although Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap is my tried and true, I came across The Honey Pot Company on Instagram.  I specifically paid attention to this company because it’s a vegan plant based feminine hygiene company created, owned and operated by black women. (Yass girl yasss!) I knew I needed to try it so I purchased the normal foaming wash and normal face + body wipes from Target.  I loved that the wash has ingredients in it that I can actually pronounce and recognize, along with helping to combat odor and balance pH levels. The wipes, I liked as well and I wound up loving them even more as a refresher over my face and neck, which I now keep in my everyday makeup bag. This isn't just a winter essential but a every day essential! 

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel - Thanks to my mom's OG beauty tips, we are always smearing an anti aging cream on our faces. We came across this hydro gel face cream and cleanser and haven’t looked back since. I remember Neutrogena coming out with this line a few years back but it seems like they have re-introduced it and I'm glad they did. It's a daily face moisturizer but in this crystal blue water like gel. I apply it after I wash my face and it instantly moisturizes while giving my face a slight plumping and dewy glow. The best part is that my face never feels dry, so this will be great when the temperature really drops and we are all craving extra moisture. 

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Any.Do App - No matter how many post it notes or pieces of fab stationary I have,  I still find the need for another to do list. This time I was looking for a to-do list app specifically for my iPhone with a pop up alert feature. After searching the App Store and a few online reviews later, I downloaded the Any.Do app. With an integrated calendar, drag and drop features and pop up alert reminder features integrated with your iPhone and Apple watch, Im up to date with all of my tasks. If I don't finish as task on my assigned day, I can just drag and drop it to another day, and with preset "templates" you can just tap the addition sign and add a task really quickly. As I head in to the new year and begin my goals for 2018 this will be perfect for keeping me on track. 

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Creme of Nature Argan Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Rinse -  As I was scrolling through Instagram, one of my favorite influencers posted about this Creme of Nature Argan Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. I'm always looking for products to keep my hair strong and healthy since I switch up my styles so often, so I looked into it. Although it says its for natural hair, I tried it on my relaxed hair and let it sit for a few minutes after shampooing, then rinsed it out and applied my conditioner. I didn't notice anything on the first go round but on the second washing a few weeks later I did feel that my hair and scalp felt much cleaner. Hats and infinity scarves are a definite in the winter so Im curious to see how this will help my hair over the next few months.

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Fenty GlossBomb Lipgloss - We have all experienced the force that is Rihanna and her new cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. When it launched, I purchased the gloss bomb lip gloss and I loved how it looked on. As I started wearing it more often I noticed that it just pulled my daily look together without being overdone. This gloss bomb will be great for me on those extremely cold winter mornings where I just can’t get my life together but need to look presentable (and not like a dragon ). 


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Sip by S'well Waterbottle - I love a good water bottle. On a trip to Target I was scanning the clearance section and came across this sleek metal bottle. The size was perfect and at a $12 price tag hey why not! I thought it was just a cool water bottle until I did a little research and found out I was drinking out of a perfectly designed, temperature controlled water bottle specifically created to rid the world of plastic bottles. S'well water bottles are condensation free, leak proof and double walled which means your drinks stay hot or cold for a farely long time. Since purchasing this bottle I find myself drinking more water than normal which is always a fabulous thing to do. I love that I can carry hot coffee in the winter and with a simple rinse out, sip on cooler beverages through the day. This is definetly a must have in your everyday work bag.