With Valentines Day fast approaching, I remembered this recipe I did for a special V-day menu last year! It was a popular item, and I believe it has a playful spin on the whole traditional "red" "I love you" theme of the holiday! So surprise your foodie valentine with these red velvet waffles for a breakfast in bed treat to start your day full of LOVE off right! 




your favorite waffle mix

about 1/2 c. cocoa powder to the amount of waffle mix you make (also to your chocolate tolerance) 

red food coloring

1 container of marscapone cheese, softened 

1c. confectioners sugar 

2-3 T. milk

1 Tahitian vanilla bean, seeds scraped on both sides (a high quality vanilla extract is also good!) 

1/2c. toasted pecans ( your favorite nut can be substituted) 

Make waffle batter according to the required recipe on package. Mix in cocoa powder and red food coloring until batter is a deep dark red. Adjust cocoa powder to your chocolate tolerance, and set aside. In a medium bowl, whip softened marscapone, confectioners sugar, vanilla bean seeds, and 2T. of milk. Sweeten with powdered sugar to your liking and set aside. Add batter to a hot, and greased waffle iron, and close until cooked. Waffle should turn bright red! Arrange waffle on a plate and top with vanilla marscapone and toasted pecans!