2017 was a phenomenal year to be a woman. We had Hillary Clinton break the glass ceiling as the first female presidential candidate. We had an impactful women’s march in numerous states and the number of female entrepreneurs are the highest they have ever been.  But still somehow women have had a horrible year, especially on social media. As much as I hate to admit it, social media plays a big part in how we function in this day and age. Pretty much everything we do is based off social media posts and women are often times the target of unwanted opinions, body shaming and more. 

Luckily for me, I don't care about a large number of opinions. Women are amazing point blank period and we can literally do anything our hearts desire. So with that attitude in mind, here are 5 things to stop telling women in 2018. 

1. "You Are Not A Boss if You Work a 9-5" - Since when did having a stable job become a bad thing? It apparently did recently with the rising fame of influencers. Let's face it, everyone is not meant to be a boss, a leader or a follower and that's totally OK. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or creative with dreams of building an empire, then yes a 9-5 probably isn't going to be your end goal for the long haul. Don’t allow social media or your favorite influencer make you think that clocking in on someone else's job is a horrendous thing, because messing with them will leave you broke and being broke isn’t fabulous. The thing is, you can still be a boss in other aspects of your life. Be a boss at work, be a bomb ass boss at all the PTA meetings, a boss at home where your family wants for nothing and is loved tremendously. Being a "boss" comes in all shapes and forms, so do you girl! 

2. "You Have to Choose Success or Marriage & Babies" - Woman are natural multitaskers. We can literally turn water into wine all the while having cramps and never smudging our Fenty Lippaint, so why can't we have success in our careers and success in our relationships? I'm a firm believer in having it all, but I do know that having it all requires a lot of juggling and prioritizing. I also realize you can have it all, just not at the same time. The key to this is just having the best support system as possible whether it be a solid partner, a friend you can constantly rely on or a stable job with great flexibility. 


3. "You Are Too Dope to Be Single" - Relationships are amazing, but it's not at the top of every woman's to do list. Relationships require a lot of time and attention and it's perfectly ok if that's not your main focus. What if you are focusing on getting into grad school? Becoming a well traveled woman? Getting promoted at work, or launching your own business? Relationships these days are very blurry in the times of cheating, side chicks and screenshots. A lot of women simply don't want to be bothered, so don't let the #RelationshipGoals of your favorite couples deter you from your aspirations. When the time is right for YOU and only YOU, get into a relationship that is safe, nurturing, and all that you dreamed of. 

4. "No New Friends" - I am EXTREMELY cautious when a woman says she doesn't have other female friends. That's a serious red flag of mistrust and insecurity. Every woman needs other dope women for support, encouragement and even a good venting session over cocktails every now and again. Having a healthy support system of great women in your circle can help not only improve your quality of life but really give you that boost of confidence and self esteem when needed. A circle of good girlfriends is imperative to the health and wellness of a fab woman. 

5. "You Don't Need to Wear Weave or Makeup" - There is always this debate about being “natural” vs weaves and makeup. One party says be your beautiful self while the other party says a little added hair or foundation won’t hurt. The truth is neither one hurts nor is it every woman’s desire. We really just need to understand that one woman's beauty, rituals and self care do not take away from your own. Putting on a complete face of make up and hair every day will not take away from the beauty of the woman who does the exact opposite. Do what works best for YOU. 


I really hope we can get past telling women what they should and should not do. Women make the world go round and every woman is unique and special in her own way. Constantly downplaying and taking away from the essence that makes women and woman is not the route that we should be going down.  I'd love to hear your fabulous thoughts on this, just drop a comment below!