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I am a classically trained chef,  blogger and all around lover of food & restaurants. I have food running through my veins along with coffee and sequins. I'm making my mark in the culinary world on my terms, with the thickest set of lashes on, and my iPhone  in hand. 




I knew food was instilled in me from the very beginning as I sat on the washing machine in my grandparents home tasting and listening to cooking stories from  my grandfather, a retired chef. Years later a chef was born, as I attended The Culinary Institute of America, my first choice college.  With graduation behind me, I began working in several restaurants when I landed my dream job of becoming Executive Chef at 24 years old. 


... Good food is very often, even the most, simple food... "

/ - anthony bourdain  /


Food + Drink

I started Eating Fabulously while working the day to day grind in restaurant kitchens. After many hours of working and reading a variety of different food blogs, I noticed there were not many food blogs written by black women…who also have the upper hand of specifically being in the restaurant industry. I wanted to bring to the forefront that you can be gorgeous, feminine and smart, all the while knowing how to cook properly, know where your food comes from, and also be able to shoot the shit at the chef's table with the boys without skipping a beat.


I never worry about dietsThe only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond..."

/  - mae West  /



Eating Fabulously has provided me with great opportunities such as writing on the editorial team for Chef Marcus Samuelsson and co-authoring a cookbook titled “Food is What I Do”.  As life has it's own valleys and peaks, myself and Eating Fabulously have gone through some growing pains. The focus now, is on being fabulous as a whole individual. i created the lifestyle section to share some of my likes, dislikes, inspiration & opinions, all the while doing it fabulously.