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I'm Christopher.. A Fab Girl with A Fab Name.

A classically trained Chef, blogger, and restaurant lover, I have food running through my veins along with coffee, sequins and mascara. And Im making my mark in the culinary world on my terms. 

I am the creator of Eating Fabulously, a NYC based food and lifestyle blog. I created Eating Fabulously a few years ago when I noticed there were no food blogs written by black women who also had the upper hand of actually being in the restaurant industry. 

I wanted to bring to the forefront that you could be gorgeous, girly, feminine and smart and know where your food comes from, and also shoot the shit at the chef's table without skipping a beat.

My love for food and cooking was instilled in me early on, from my late grandfather, a retired chef. I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, and took my own unconventional route, working in several small kitchens here in NYC. That lead me to my 1st and most greatest accomplishment of becoming Executive Chef at 24.

Eating Fabulously stands for all things fabulous and I want you to know that you can have it all. Be educated, look amazing, feel amazing, be a boss, be a fab mom, be a woman on the go, know about seasonality, locality, know where your food comes from. And all the while doing it fabulously, of course.

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