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Take a look at my recent fab finds. 

Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade in Deep Brown - I'm always looking for ways to have great brows without spending an hour in the mirror during my daily makeup routine. I'm a Maybelline girl so when I came across this brow pomade on their Instagram during fashion week, naturally I headed out to buy it. Its a pomade in a chubby crayon stick and with a couple strokes on my brows after I finish shaping them I was in love. My brows stayed in place all day and you really only need a little for a full looking brow.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Fix Wear Boosting Setting Spray - I move around a lot during the day and sweating off my makeup happens. I typically use a setting powder but I've been coming across makeup tutorials and blogs that say setting spray is a must. Another nod to Maybelline's Instagram, I tried this master fix setting spray and it was wonderful. Its translucent, dries quickly on your face and also gives your face a slight dewiness as well. Even as I was waiting in line to pay for it, a fab girl next to me shouted, "That spray is the bomb! I totally agree.

Lilly Lashes Ghalichi Glam 3D Mink Lashes - If you know me personally than you know I absolutely love false eye lashes. Whether full strips or single strand individuals, on any given day you can catch me and my eyes looking fabulous. Mink lashes have become popular lately because they are reusable and give your eyes a more dramatic look. I came across Lilly Lashes sample sale on her 3D mink lashes one day and I couldn't let this offer pass me by. It was a sample sale so I didn't know what pair of lashes I would get but when they arrived I knew the fabulousness went up a few notches. These lashes go on so easy and make your eye look amazing. These Lily Lashes are a MUST have if your a false eyelash lover.

FAB Stationary - I created this stationary as a way to take notes while at my desk.  Each design symbolizes every kind of woman and Im so happy that the fab ladies are adorning there desks with my stationary. Love the paper? Place your order with me HERE 

Firmoo Glasses -  I came across Firmoo glasses from my blogger bae Kelly Augustine  a few months ago. I follow Firmoo on Instagram and I loved Kelly's frames so much that I headed to the website to order a pair for myself. Firmoo has a wonderful buy one get one free frames special which is a great way to try out a new company. Im so happy with the outcome of these frames and even happier with the price point. I ordered CP1123 in black and CP1186 in pattern and I really do love them. I cant wait to order more fabulous frames. 

Chicfetti.com -  I came across ChicFetti website on Pinterest when I was looking for some bedroom decor inspo. I loved the fun printables and even printed some out and framed them around me bedroom. This site has cute note cards, stationary and more so be sure to check out all the merchandise and fab printables. 

1800 Contacts  - I spoke about 1800 contacts before but I recently started using them again and I don't know why I even stopped. I love them! I wear monthly contacts and recently decided to try daily lenses. 1800 contacts makes it super easy to upload your contact lens prescription and within days my new lenses arrived in my mailbox. I need to reorder as I type, and all I really have to do is click the "reorder" button on the site and thats it. If you have a up to date contact lens prescription I highly recommend heading over to 1800 contacts. 

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