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Excuse Me,  I Have Things To Do!

Recently I needed to write a to do list. I normally write them at work but this one I needed for home. After searching Pinterest for some pretty to do sheets I said wait a minute! I can just make my own fab to do sheets....so thats what I did.  

As you can see, the first thing on every woman's to do list is to BE FABULOUS. This is a must and thats why I put it first. Whether your lists consists of laundry, picking up the kids and hitting Trader Joes, or adding in some study time in between date nights, I made these printable to do lists for all my fab ladies. **cues Beyonce ** 

Download "Things To Do" Printable HERE 

Download Things To Do Packet, Including Printable, iPhone Wallpaper & Desktop Wallpaper HERE

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