Life is happening and it's happening fast. 

If you are reading this blog post right now, at one point in time you may have been stressed. Life is stressful and everyday can be very different than the next. 

No matter how many to do lists we write or alarms we set, the days are getting shorter and stress is coming quicker than ever. Sometimes you need something or some place to go to take your mind off of what's happening around you. To help combat the pressure of this fabulous everyday life, here are 4 places you can go when life is stressing you the hell out. 

The Spa - this doesn't have to be the most expensive spa in the world but this will help. Whether it be taking 30minutes to go get a mani and pedi ( don't do any work while your sitting there!) or scheduling a complete full body massage, studies show the power of touch will relax you. Never feel bad about taking a few moments to take care of YOU.


Dinner with a Bae - whether your best friend, a family member ( hey favorite cousin) or an actual bae, making a reservation, ordering some cocktails and having a meal amongst someone you love can ease your mind. Go the extra mile and get the chefs tasting menu and wine pairing so you literally don't have to do anything but sit back, relax and forget about what's stressing you for the evening.

Church - whether you actually make it inside the building or watch your favorite pastor or inspirational speaker online, sometimes you just need to hear some motivational words. Whenever I'm beyond stressed I head to my podcasts app on my iPhone and listen to Joel Osteen and Pastor Creflo Dollar. These podcasts always help me to remember that what I'm feeling is not my end result.

A Hotel - going to a hotel on the opposite side of town (or even the next town over) makes for the perfect "staycation" when you are stressed and need a break from your everyday life. Rent a room at a luxury hotel in your city for 1-2 nights, grab a plush bathrobe, sit in the middle of the bed, order a lot of room service..... and RELAX FABULOUSLY. 

What are some ways you relax when you are stressed? Tell me in the comments below. 


  1. I like this post! Every single point is useful! Sometimes you do need to escape your everyday life and hunny, this post is preaching to the choir right now! I have a similar post on my blog talking about how I like to unwind.

    Shannon // shannonkara.com

    1. Hey Shannon,

      Thanks so much. Im glad you enjoyed the post. An escape is needed every now and then for sure to make sure our fabulousness is still in tact. Im loving your site!




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