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I started a strange tradition. 

I started this strange tradition that every summer I would make a great summer lemonade. Last summer it was my blueberry cucumber lemonade. The summer before that it was perfecting strawberry blueberry lemonade. Over the years my love for adding a few slices of jalapeño to my lemonade concoctions became super real. I cant stop! 

This summer, I've had peaches on the brain and viola! A fabulous pitcher of peach jalapeño lemonade was born. For my lemonade recipes I always suggest making your favorite lemonade 2x stronger and more flavorful that you normally would. As you build the other flavors of the lemonade and add ice, you don't want to water down your lemonade. You want to taste each flavor AND taste the lemonade as well. Pour over ice, or add your favorite vodka and sip away the last few weeks of summer. 

Peach Jalapeño Lemonade 

Your favorite lemonade recipe
2 peaches, sliced 
1 lemon, sliced 
1/2 jalapeño, thinly sliced 
1c. of peach puree (this can be store bought or you can puree fresh or frozen peaches in a blender or food processor) 

Mix peach puree and your favorite lemonade. Adjust flavors if needed. Add sliced lemons, sliced peaches, and jalapeños and stir. Allow lemonade to sit for at least 5 minutes before serving. Pour in a glass over ice and sip fabulously. 

*** the longer the jalapeño's sit in the lemonade the spicier it gets. I let the jalapeños sit for 5-8 minutes.  Adjust this to your preference. *** 

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