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Oh Hey! It's Our Birthday! 
I can't believe Eating Fabulously is 7 years old today. I remember when I was afraid to create a blog out of fear that no one would read it. But here we are, a fabulous 7 years later and Eating Fabulously isn't just a blog, it's become a lifestyle. Im so proud of the growth and changes that have occurred in 7 years and I'm looking forward to the new things that will occur.  From my very first post till today,  Here are 7 quick things I learned about blogging in 7 years. 

1. If you want to start a blog GO FOR IT! 
2. Use other bloggers as inspiration but don't try to keep up with the joneses
3. Be adaptable in your blogging style but never take your eye off the prize. 
4. Be consistent across the board. People will never have to guess if it's you.
5. Take or watch a free blogging webinar online from time to time. 
6. Relax. Blogging takes time. I didn't get serious about my blog until year 5!  
7. Be Fabulous

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