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Let's Talk About Me. 

Today I started my 1st day of physical therapy for my lymphedema in my right leg. For years a large portion of doctors mis-diagnosed me but I kept doing a little research here and there. When writing my goals out for 2016, 1 of my goals was to start looking for doctors again, and I found one. Im on the path to fab new legs and even though this padding will cramp my style for a few weeks (must get some rhinestone decals STAT!) , I used myself as an example for todays Fab Inspiration to not give up on your quest to get healthy and be a better you! My legs have never stopped me from doing anything before and this padding wont stop me from being fabulous now! My best friend and I have even made a pact to get healthy together this year! So don't be afraid to make that doctors appointment; that therapy appointment; that sonogram appointment or that MRI appointment. Taking care of yourself is the ultimate form of being FABULOUS. I don't know what the next few physical therapy sessions will bring and I am a little scared but hey, its nothing a great pair of lashes and a fab wide leg romper cant fix.

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