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Last week was rough. 
Last week I just couldn't get right. My mind was on a hundred as I constantly replayed the 30 year old mental life checklist and my to do list over and over in my head. Add this, the small summer heat wave thats been happening in NYC, and the fact that I had some new and extra responsibilities to handle at work, I was unable to can. I can't. 

 Every day last week, I was a day behind on work. I even thought we were in the third week of July and I was already in the month of August. I was getting home late every night and my bank account wasn't as cute as I like it to be either (enter bill paying here) Needless to say, my venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew coffee from Starbucks wasn't helping. Im usually a positive person, looking at the good and not the bad but last week I couldn't get around the bad to see the good. 

As I got closer to my week ending (hello 2 consecutive days off! ) my mind began to relax because I knew a new week was approaching. Im LIVING by today's fab inspiration. I must remember that Im doing everything I can and that everything will work out fabulously. Super plain and simple but sometimes hard to remember and stand on when you feel like you are in quick sand. I vow to make this week a new week and drop the 18946375473982 things I was thinking about last week. 

Remember, everything will turn out fabulously! 

What do you do when you just cant seem to get right? 

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