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Fabs! It feels good to be back. As I turned 30 a few months ago I realized that at this new age brings new fabulousness. Im in full force womanhood now and everything is getting a makeover. Cue Eating Fabulously's new website. Its no longer just my blog its my new fab website. Its a sleeker design, more white space, and a deliciously clear concept. While developing this new site I must admit that I tried to Keep up with The Joneses (read all about it HERE ) Can I say that was a disaster! After bringing myself back to reality I really took the time to put the focus back into Eating Fabulously, because hey, its a lifestyle. So with that being said and lessons learned, I'm refreshed and ready to get back in this thang.

So What's New? 

More Restaurants - For starters I spend a lot of time in restaurants. I work in a restaurant, I read about restaurants daily, I eat fabulously at restaurants. Its my passion. My new site will bring more focus on restaurants and the whirlwind that is them. From new places you should be eating, my point of view on the new no tipping policy, restaurants will be a big part of this new site.

Fab Inspiration - I started this a few months back with a weekly dose of inspiration every Monday on my Instagram. Now I have a full section devoted to the inspiration you need to bring out your fabulousness.

#ReadingFabulously - I LOVE to read. Along with iBooks I recently downloaded the Kindle app on my iPad and went completely download crazy. I posted on my Instagram about my love for the app and asked a simple question to my followers,"What books are you reading right now"? A few replies later, I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate my love for fab books with all of my fab followers. This will start on Instagram as of right now, but if you are reading a fab book, just simply hashtag your photo with #readingfabulously and share what books your reading or have read that you've loved. Make sure to follow me too !

More Lifestyle - I have a lot of things going on in life and want to share them all. I'm voicing more opinions, showing growth and the obstacles that come with that and more bits and pieces of my fab life. Dare I say I will even touch upon my relationships? Stay tuned!

So What's Missing? 

Fab Wallpaper - I started making some fab wallpaper for iPhones and desktops and sent them to my subscribers monthly. I haven't stopped making them completely, but now I will just send them out when I create pure fabulousness.

Unnecessary Non Fab Stuff - As you can see there's much more white space. I decided to remove the ugly ads that just weren't fabulous to look at. This keeps everything stream line and crisp.

What's To Come? 

Everything! - I'm always looking for better ways to make Eating Fabulously well, more fabulous. I will be making minor changes as I get adjusted to my new website so make sure to stay updated.

I hope you enjoy this new site as much as I enjoyed developing it even though the rough patches recently. Click through and get comfortably acquainted with the new and improved site. Its fabulous.

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