Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Kylie Jenner Lip Kits,

I was never a makeup and lipstick kind of girl.
I swore by a clean face and mascara but as I got older I found myself with a designated makeup drawer in my bed room. Now I love wearing makeup, big fluttery lashes and bright bold lipsticks.

I have my favorite lipsticks ranging from the beauty supply store brand to the high end; the original stick, to the new and trendy liquid mattes. Having on a great bold lip just pulls your look together fabulously.  If you don't know by now that Kylie Jenner has her own line of liquid lipsticks and lip glosses you have been living under a really large rock. The youngest fly, funky and independent Jenner-Kardasian is causing a internet craze with her new Kylie Lip Kits. The only problem with these lip kits are that they sell out in 4 minutes. Literally.

I missed the first 2 releases so I knew I needed to be on my game for the next release. I scoured the website and a few Instagram accounts to get the exact dates. I even knew exactly what colors I wanted so when the time came all I had to do was click and checkout. To take it a step further I had my mom go on the website 30 minutes before the release to assure I'd score!

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Kylie Jenner Lip Kits,

A few days later, my lip kits arrived. I must say I LOVE the packaging all the way down to the little note inside of the box. The packaging itself is worth the wait. Can we say branding?!? Each liquid lipstick comes with a matching lip pencil so there's no hassle in cowering around to find the perfect pencil or spending extra money.

First up, I tried the "Dolce K" nude. I have a hard time finding nude lip colors for my brown skin. Some nudes look clear, some ashy, some too dark and the Dolce K did the same thing; didn't match very well. I still like the color and have been mixing and matching glosses on top of it but I won't be ordering it again.

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Kylie Jenner Lip Kits,

Next is the red, "Mary Jo K". I've been loving red lips and this red is PERFECT. It glides on slightly wet but dries by the time you coat your entire mouth. I don't even have to reapply through out the day. This is a red you can wear during the day at work and transition to a fab dinner with your favorite guy. Although I am an avid Kardashian Jenner lover, Kylie's lip kits are definitely worth the purchase. I cant wait to reup on the red and grab some of the new glosses as well. 

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Kylie Jenner Lip Kits,

Purchase Your Lip Kits HERE:

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