Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Keeping Up with The Joneses, blogging

Here's the thing about keeping up with The Joneses. It never works. 

Keeping up with The Joneses - striving to achieve or own as much as the people around you. Everything they do, well ... you do. I hate to admit this but I tried to keep up with the joneses recently. The popular blogger Joneses that is. I follow a lot of bloggers and the overall theme seems to be great websites, constantly flowing content, dope flat lays and webinars. I have so many saved links from my favorite bloggers that I can barely keep up with reading their latest posts.
I knew I wanted to update my website so I decided to go with Square Space. 1st mistake being, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Me transitioning over to SquareSpace was a nightmare and it delayed the design of my new site by a month and a half. After hours of back and fourth emails and 250+ broken blog links (from importing from one site to another) , I quickly realized all I had to do was update my template on the site I was already satisfied with.

-insert the 80/20 rule here - 
My 2nd mistake was adopting things that don't fit me, my personality or my blogs personality. I read and love so many blogs and websites but I only have a hand full of bloggers that I pay attention to. By tweaking my blog constantly I learned that admiration is sometimes best from afar. 

Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Keeping Up with The Joneses, blogging

With these 2 big lessons learned, I'm here to tell you that there is no reason to keep up with The Joneses, especially when you already are The Joneses in your own right. It is however necessary to study, grow, apply and advance. Everyone is dope in their own right and  I realized I was doing fabulously right where I was.  If you know me personally then you know I have my own style and I do what I want. Keeping up has never been my thing but I will admit that the pressure of being a "successful" blogger got to me. Never again! 

With that being said, I shook it off. I have already built something that I love and others love as well. Moving forward, I vow to keep being myself .... Christopher Stewart and keep doing me, fabulously. 


  1. I only started my blog last week but I definitely needed to see this! Great and v important message x

    1. Thanks so much! With so many blogs out here its super important to stay true to yourself on your site. Fabulous wishes on your new blog. It looks great so far.


  2. I was scrolling through the #BlackGirlsWhoBlog hashtag on Twitter this morning look for more blogs to add to my morning read and I came across your blog which I think is all things adorbs. Then I came across this article which hit me at the right moment. I swear I just tweeted that I don't feel like I fit in with many bloggers. Thank you for the reminder that I don't have to keep up with the Joneses.

    Have an ah-mazing week!


    1. Brandi, that is great to hear! Im glad this post helped as a reminder to be you and be fabulous ! Id love to read your blog sometime.




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