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It's 2016 and there are blogs everywhere. My blog, your blog, a website, and a think piece. There's so much information coming at us at once through out the day that  my "Saved Reads" tab is getting restless. No one tells you this, but blogging is hard. From 5 readers to 5 million readers, running a website and being consistently consistent is a lot of work.

I've had my blog for 6 years now but have only become serious about it for a solid 3 years. Developing new content, fab recipes and maintaining my 9-5 has been a lesson in itself. If your like me, your obsessed with your blog. Your constantly thinking of content, editing pictures, making graphics and planning your week on Buffer and Latergramme. Throw in fine tuning, tinkering, and coding, anyone else need a drink?

Recently I've noticed myself taking a lot of small breaks from my blog. Not that I don't love it (because I do!) but I've found myself taking a 2 week break every couple of months. I recently was watching Myleik Teele, CEO of CurlBox Snapchat and she vouched for taking breaks and refreshing constantly. I realized for me, this is something I enjoy as well. 
Here's Why I Take Small Breaks From My Blog.

To Learn - I love learning about new things! Learning is apart of who I am and 9 times out of 10 I'm researching how to do something.

To Read Other Blogs - I have this thing where I read other people's blogs and sites as a way of relaxing and taking my mind off of things, especially after a long day at work. I love catching up on Career Girl Daily, The B Werd, XO Necole and more to see what other bloggers are up to and experiencing.

Why I Take Small Breaks From My Blog, bloggers, blogging, Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, lifestyle, Eating Fabulously | Food & Lifestyle

To Handle My Fab Life - How do you make doctors appointments, grocery shop, pay bills and spend time with family and friends while constantly blogging? I find when I'm in blogging and content creation mode, I push everything to the side. A break allows me to experience the other simple pleasures in life.

To Become Excited About My Blog - Reading other fabulous blogs and going to do other things actually helps me become excited about my blog. I'm seeing, doing and exploring which sparks my creativity and send me running back to my blog for the next great post. 

Running your own blog or website is equally as hard as it is amazingly rewarding. In the time of "sleep when your dead" taking a break and viewing different horizons is never a bad choice to make. Take a break when YOU need to and be fabulous while doing it. 

Do you take breaks from your blog? Leave a comment and tell me how you take a break!

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  1. Hi yes I agree You have to take breaks. For me I like to get away from the screen. I go for a walk or sit outside on the grass. Just grounds me and clears my head. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Nicole,
      Those are great ways to take a break. A clear head makes for greats blog posts!



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