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Happy fabulous New Year! 2016 is here and that means a fresh start, a new beginning and also some fabulous adventures. I have learned so much in 2015! Experiences, personal conflict and even Google has helped me grow and mature in 2015. Everyday was a lesson and I know 2016 will be even better. Heading into this new year,  Im keeping my eye on the prize with 8 main attainable goals while also leaving room for the element of unexpected surprises along the way.  Here are my 8 Fab Goals for 2016.  

Eat Fab -  This is a no brainer! This year I want to take Eating Fabulously to the next level. Build a bigger and better site, new photos, bring on a team, and of course continue to eat fabulously. I will also begin to research and put the pieces together to start my own business. Stay tuned!

Change my Style - I've always been a jeans, sneakers and t-shirt girl but as I've gotten older I've noticed a change in my outfit choices. Now, my eye is drawn to minimal pieces that I can remix with bold accessories. Jeans, sneakers and tee's are still apart of my life but now I want them fitted and head turning.

Learn To Drive - Yes I know. I maybe the only one in the world that doesn't know how to drive. I live in NYC and with so many ways to get around here in the Big Apple (hello Uber!)  a car is a luxury, not a necessity. I won't be buying a car anytime soon, but I would like to face my fear and learn how to drive. My dad always told me you can get anywhere in life with a drivers license.

goals, 2016, new year, new years resolutions,
Change my Prayer Life - this is very important for me in 2016. Getting a closer connection with The Lord, continuing my tithing and believing. Standing in faith and not wavering when things get rough and being still enough to hear when God is speaking to me. Listening to podcasts helps keep my spirits high and active. I know for a fact that Creflo Dollars podcast titled, Defeating Emotional Turmoil and Succeeding in Everything You Do Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 kept me from breaking down completely in 2015.

Travel - I haven't traveled in a couple of years due to deaths in the family, unemployment, a flooded apartment and just keeping my head above water. I placed traveling on the back burner as I watched my friends grab amazing flight deals and head all over the world. This year, its time to grab my passport and rack up some travel miles. I do love to travel and see new sites and this year Im making a promise to get back to traveling like I used to. Sunny skies and new found lands here I come!

Up The Anty on My Body -  I have always been a plus size girl and super comfortable in my own body. I make a strict regimen of going to the doctor for all of the needed check ups and fab vegetables are a must on any dinner table.  Although I don't weigh myself (who has time to be sad over a number?!?!)  the current weight I am right now feels amazing and I'd love to keep it this way. 2016 includes green juice, physical therapy for my lymphedema, and 1 less cookie (depending on what happens that day) .

Say YES & NO! -  I love to help people, sometimes to a fault. And in that same fault, no one ever helps me. I want to learn how to say no without feeling bad after. This will come in handy with business, friendships and unwanted or straggling bae's.  Saying yes will also be a new challenge for me. Saying yes to new and unfamiliar opportunities that scare me, new people that awaken me, and a new career that fulfills me.

Be Christopher Stewart -  Its really hard being your natural authentic self in a time where everyone's trying to be like the next. I am totally a brand new person, completely different than I was several years ago. I have gone from teenage Chrissy to a fabulous woman with a equally fab name. It feels like it took me forever to get here, standing tall, talking clearly and speaking up for myself. I am also a couple months shy from turning 30. But now that Im here, Im ready to explore the new chapters that await. 2015 has taught me that I am stronger than what I feel. NO and YES are powerful words and that people will not like you. The most important goal above all for me in 2016 is to keep discovering who I am.

Im wishing you a fab year, above & beyond your wildest dreams! 

                                                                    - Christopher 

goals, 2016, new year, new years resolutions,


  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing that Creflo Dollar sermon, i'miss definitely going to listen to more of him. My biggest goal for 2016 like yours is saying yes & NO. Ive experienced tirelessly helping others to a fault as well even when i was tired or didnt want to and feeling alone when I needed help. We have to learn to help ourselves first before we can help others. And I agree saying yes to new opportunities!

    1. Thanks so much! Listening to podcasts by Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen and T.D Jakes helped me so much. We must put ourselves first before we can help anyone else! It's so crucial! Wishing you a fab 2016 Christina!


  2. Great goals! I can feel my personal style preferences changing as well and I'd like to explore it more this year. Lately I've been working on my health and body too. I really want to build strength and stamina and I realise that working out has made me feel a lot better on a day-to-day basis.

    Good luck with your goals!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

    1. Liyana that's great to hear! I think with a new year brings a new feeling, so changing up your wardrobe is a plus! (Who doesn't love new clothes!) I DEFINETLY want to build strength. Thanks for sharing your goals with me and I wish you fab sucess in the new year. I'm also loving your Instagram!



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