Dining in Times Square is a little tricky. You never know if your going to get "tourist food" or real NYC food.  Dining at a place where you also had a bad experience a few years prior is also a little tricky. Before I was a certified fabulous eater, I dined at Virgil's, a BBQ restaurant located in Times Square. That dining experience was not at all fabulous so I didn't return. Fast forward to last weekend, I made my way back to Virgil's, now fabulous and certified (also after scoping the OpenTable online reviews)  The new me wanted to give Virgil's a clean slate, a shiny new start. 

As any restaurant in Times Square, Virgil's is a 2 story restaurant serving BBQ and southern favorites. Surprisingly on a Sunday night it wasn't packed and we rolled up our sleeves ready to dine. While looking over the menu and ordering drinks, Virgil's makes the best piña colada's Ive ever had in my life. Creamy and smooth with the perfect amount of alcohol, I didn't need anything else, this piña colada was IT. Until I had the train wreck fries.

Yes, TrainWreck Fries. Fries topped with everything good in the world. A large cast iron skillet filled with fries arrived on the table, covered in melted cheddar and jack cheese, smoked bacon, scallions, pickled jalapeños and ranch dressing. This was the best thing to happen to my day.. my week even.  I ordered hush puppies as well and those came to the table with a delicious maple syrup butter. Of course I slathered butter on every hush puppy I could find. 

By the time my entree came, a pick of 3 BBQ meats and a choice of 2 sides, I was already full and breathing through my nose, but of course I needed to taste. The entrees brought me back to the first time I dined here. Being told by my server that Virgil's is the only restaurant in NYC thats smokes its meats in house, I already knew I wasn't going to taste any smoke. My entree was flat. Point blank. It seemed like the line cooks gave up on putting any effort in because it was Sunday and close to closing time. I ordered fatty brisket (nothing fatty about this brisket, it was actually rather dry) Virgil's favorite ribs, and smoked chicken. I decided to just not even deal with my entree and had it packed to go. The night ended with cobbler which was simply ok, but its not something I need in my life. 

I love leftovers, but reheating my leftovers at home the next day and adding my own barbecue sauce should NEVER happen. For me to even say that out loud should not happen.  In NYC where great food happens 24/7, Virgil's is not the place to get BBQ. I will return for the train wreck fries, piña colada and other appetizer's IF I'm in the area and don't want to put any effort into finding a place to eat. For great BBQ, I will head to Hill Country BBQ Market or the many other delicious BBQ choices here in NYC. I can also wait a entire year for the Big Apple BBQ, anything but Virgil's BBQ. 

152 W. 44th Street 
between Broadway & 6th Ave
New York, N.Y.  10036

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