Hunter's Camouflage Tote Bag, Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, L.L.Bean

On any given day you can catch me in a very minimal outfit. Im a jeans and sneakers kinda girl and black, white, and blue are pretty much my basics.  Along with my basics, I do love accessories. Whether it be my hair, a fab face and a bold lip or lots of layered bangles on my arm, I love to add accessories to bring a small pop to my outfit.  There is one accessory that I love in particular and that's bags! I LIVEEEE for a great bag, so much so that the shelves inside my closet and a separate drawer in my bedroom house my collection. 

Hunter's Camouflage Tote Bag, Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, L.L.Bean

Recently, my mom mentioned a camouflage bag she had her eye on. I love classic camouflage but she doesn't so I was interested when a package was delivered from L.L. Bean. A ginormous Hunter's XL camouflage tote arrived and we immediately jumped for joy! Who would have thought L.L. Bean would have such a fab bag? This XL tote makes a perfect every day tote, or when you need a pop of camouflage to complete your outfit. We did notice that the XL tote was too large for our liking so we retuned the bag and purchased the size large. 

I carried the bag on my trip to Starbucks and all of my essentials (and by essentials I mean laptop and chargers) fit into this bag. Its extremely spacious so you will never have to worry if you can fit everything in here. Trust me you can, and then some. Although I am still on the hunt for a classic over sized camouflage jacket, this bag is the perfect addition to my collection. 

Purchase the Hunter's Camo Tote Bag HERE 


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  2. Is the one you carrying in the photo XL ?

    1. I'm carrying the large tote. The extra large is huge, more like a weekender.



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