Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Farm to Fork Chef

Instagram is a wonderful thing. In a time of all things food porn, instant uploading and foodies, as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across Chef Dante's vibrant and delicious photos. I, for one can not pass up "liking" an amazing food pic and a few weeks later, Dante and I are chatting fabulously about must have's in his home kitchen, his favorite NYC restaurants and his new company. Did I mention we are also both alumni of the same college! Here, I chat fabulously with Dante of Farm to Fork Chef. 

EF - Where did you get your education from ?
Dante - I have an associates degree from The Culinary Institute Of America. However, I'd like to say my most valuable education cam from seven years of restaurant work.

What is your current position? 
I'm am currently the estate chef for Jimmy Buffett and I am also the founder and head chef of Farm to Fork Chef.

What is your food philosophy? 
My food philosophy is simply Farm to table or Farm to Fork - I use whatever is seasonal and abundant.

How did you get started as a personal chef? 
I got started in the private world where I gained exposure from my boutique catering business I had three years ago. From there I began working exclusively in private households.

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Farm to Fork Chef

Tell us about Farm to Fork, your new Montauk Salt Company and #DuckFat. 

Farm to Fork Chef serves as an online chef concierge service and editorial platform for food lovers around the world. The brand consists of three parts: chef concierge service, editorial platform and store. 

Montauk Salt Company, my salt product, is very near and dear to me, as it is such an important part of seasoning food. All of the salts are 50/50 pink Himalayan salt and French grey salt. Each season the salts will change.

#duckfat Haha. I'm known for using duck fat in many applications. A chef friend of mine was joking around with me via text and called me "the duck fat king" and I simply responded with the hash tag #duckfat - the rest of history.

Do you keep up with and follow any food trends?
I do my best to stay up on what's hot. Organic is always a must.

Do you feel social media is changing the way people eat?
100%. I think its a great tool for businesses to promote themselves and an awesome way for patrons to find new hot spots and be able and to view gorgeous food before even eating it.  

Eating Fabulously, Christopher Stewart, Farm to Fork Chef

Where do you go for a no fail meal?
Hands down Oceana in midtown - I'm a little bias because I worked there

What's 1 item that can always be found in your home kitchen?
Peanut butter!!

Finish this sentence... "I will never eat".....
Its big in south east Asia, but not my style - fermented duck egg.

What's your food related guilty pleasure?

What are some of your favorite food spots?
Glad you asked! Toro, Oceana , and Blue Ribbon. All 3 restaurants are in NYC. Those are my staples. 

Keep Up with Dante : Website | Instagram | Facebook 

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