Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, The Do's & Don'ts of Eating Fabulously

When I first started Eating Fabulously, I had no plans on it being what it is today. All I knew was that I wanted my readers to eat really good food, all the time. As the months grew into years and now Eating Fabulously is a budding 6 years old, the one question I always get is, what does Eating Fabulously represent? Well, Eating Fabulously represents the beautiful woman who devours food that is fresh, wholesome, and well...fabulous. Nothing artificial or harmful to herself, she knows where her food comes from, she knows where to dine and she wants everyone around her to eat fabulously too.  Never missing a beat, whether raising her manicure hand to answer a question in class, catch a cab or signing a dinner check, the fabulous eater incorporates here style into everything that she does. Along with that, here are The Do's and Don'ts of Eating Fabulously. 

Do Be Your True Fabulous Self - There is no one better than you and a fabulous eater knows that. Your authentic self is what makes people enjoy being around you. Don't hide from being you

Do Look Fabulous - Looking fabulous is essential. Whether a fashionista or a fab girl on a budget, being well put together from head to toe is important when you walk in to your favorite restaurant. 

Don't Front - If you don't know how to pronounce a certain wine or food, don't front. Your server can tell. Your server is there to help you have a fabulous meal. Also brush up on your food trends and food definitions. Even knowing the proper place setting is fabulous. 

Do Take Care of Yourself  - You cant be fabulous with bad teeth. A fabulous eater is healthy and active.  So get your yearly and monthly check ups, take a walk in the park or take the stairs to get a healthy glow and a boost of adrenaline. The cardio of making reservations and salads at lunch wont cut it.

Don't Be Mean -  Ewwl mean girls. A fabulous eater is never mean, but classy and genuine. You CAN sit with us boo. 

Do Pay it Forward - You are fabulous and you should make others fabulous too.  Saying please, thank you, and tipping are essential to paying it forward. Give wholeheartedly without expecting in return, spend time with people you love, and share your talents with the world. Manners never go out of style. 

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