Christopher Stewart, Eating Fabulously, Raspberry Iced Tea

I love having fun things to drink in my fridge at all times.

I enjoy very little soda, but I do like to have some type of homemade tea or lemonade handy. As we wind down on the last few days of warm weather, Im savoring the last of the fresh raspberries and making my mom's raspberry iced tea recipe. Every time my mom makes this recipe at any one of or family gatherings she MUST make 3 gallons minimum. 

Using a herbal raspberry tea really brings out a different flavor than say using a regular black tea bag, and the addition of the raspberry soda adds some bubbles to your glass. Muddle fresh raspberries in your drinking glass and then pour the tea on top for a fab sip! Frozen raspberries are great to0, as they add a flavored ice element which is great for brunch with friends. 

Raspberry Ice Tea

1 gallon of water  Herbal Raspberry Ice Tea bag, i.e. like raspberry zinger by Celestial Teas
sugar, to your taste 
Schweeps Raspberry Ginger Ale 
2 limes, juiced 
fresh raspberries, for garnish 

Make raspberry tea with 1 gallon of water as instructed or according to your preference. While tea is warm, sweeten tea with sugar to your desired sweetness. Allow tea bags to steep at a minimum of 2 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. In a large pitcher, combine sweetened raspberry tea, and 1/2 bottle of raspberry ginger ale. Add additional ginger ale, according to your taste. Add the juice of 2 limes and taste. Serve over ice in a glass with fresh or frozen raspberries. 

** overly sweeten tea! Remember, pouring tea over ice will dilute the flavor once the ice melts. 

photo via Arria B. 

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