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The first order of business in the fall? Brussel sprouts. Apart of the cabbage family, brussel sprouts are one of those hearty vegetables that you can't mess up. Whether you roast them, shred them or eat them raw in a salad,  brussel sprouts are full of fiber and eating fabulously approved. You know what else is eating fabulously approved? Duck Fat. Duck fat is liquid gold. It has a richer taste and it can be used at high heat. If duck fat isn't your thing, bacon fat, clarified butter or canola oil work just as well. 


Brussel sprouts, trimmed and cleaned
duck fat( bacon fat or clarified butter is also a great alternative) 

salt and pepper to taste 

Clean and trim off outer leaves of brussels,including the bottom stub and cut in half. In a large pot, bring salted water to a boil and add brussel sprouts for approximately 5 min. Remove brussels from hot water and place in an bowl with ice water. Once chilled, take brussels out and remove any excess water and place in a separate bowl. Heat a large sauté pan with fat of your choice and once the pan is smoking hot(literally) add brussels and arrange them flat side down. Keep still in pan and sear till golden brown. Toss with salt to taste and serve. 

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